Monday, April 11, 2016

Died Albert Filozov 79, died actor Albert Filozov – BBC

As reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the theater “School of Modern Play” at Filozova was “longstanding serious illness.” “There was a stage of remission, but unfortunately, Filozov could not cope with the disease, for the past two weeks his condition deteriorated sharply,” – said the press service of the theater. Farewell to the actor will be held in the theater, but the date has not been determined.

Albert Leonidovich Filozov was born in 1937 in Sverdlovsk. After the seventh grade, he got a job at the ball bearing factory, graduating in night school. The plant has received Filozov profession turner and an acting career, in his own words, then do not even think of not very expressive, in his opinion, appearance. Nevertheless, in 1955, arrived in Sverdlovsk exit commission Moscow Art Theatre School. Filozov went to try his luck, was enrolled in the course Victor Stanitsyn and thus found himself in Moscow. At the end of the school-studio Albert Leonidovich atonement for service in the Theatre. KS Stanislavsky, but before the start of a full-fledged career in 1961 was drafted into the army, where he served two years in demining troops.

Creative Albert Leonidovich peaked at the turn of 1970-1980- s.

For those years belong and shiny Movie parts in “the Wild hunt of King Stach”, “you can not dream” and “Perfect husband”, and theatrical works that have made Filozova star of the first magnitude. First of all it concerns the performance Anatoly Vasiliev “grown-up daughter of a young man” on the play by Victor Slavkina. Immediately after the premiere, which took place on April 29, 1979, Vasilyev became the flagship of the Soviet revolution, theater, and the leading man Filozov – star. Next work Slavkin-trio-Filozov Vasilyev – “Serso” – took place in 1985 on the stage of the Taganka Theater, which at the time led by Anatoly Efros. Finally, in 1989, Albert Leonidovich with Lyubov Polishchuk and director Joseph Raihelgauz founded the theater “School of Modern Play”, where Filozov worked until the last days of his life.

«man came to woman “,” A choy, then you are in evening dress “and three versions of” the Seagull “(Cech, Akunin and” this operetta “) – role in these performances were and are legendary in the history of Russian theater


If the theater Filozov often shone on the first cast, actor film career evolved more whimsical. Private film and the viewer under the age of 35 years are unlikely to remember Albert Leonidovich by name, but to refresh your memory, we need only see a few shots of “Mary Poppins, Goodbye” or “Man from Boulevard des Capucines.” Avoiding excessive expressiveness, Filozov gave his characters a unique charm, a special separateness and reliability – be it a fairy tale or a fascist hero of “Tehran-43″ Alova and Naumov. In recent years, Albert Leonidovich, continuing to work in the theater, and not leave the cinema. Among his works were zero Uncle Abner film adaptation of “The First Circle,” Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Dudukin of “Guilty Without Guilt” Gleb Panfilov.


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