Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Farewell to Albert Filozova be held April 13 – First Canal

Today, died Albert Filozov – actor, who knew no generation of theater and cinema lovers

As is often the case, about the profession actor in his youth, he did not dream, worked as a turner at a plant in Sverdlovsk.. Everything is decided case: in the city arranged an audition at Moscow Art Theater School, he went in company with a friend, but in the end did he

Farewell to the People’s Artist of Russia will be held on Wednesday in the “School of Modern Play”, a Moscow theater. which Filozov helped to create and which has presented more than a quarter century. On its stage actor embodied dozens of roles, and he staged performances. He worked eagerly and enthusiastically, giving the cause of the life of all his energy.

“For 27 years I remember Filozova with a plaster on his leg, I remember Filozova with plaster on his hand, I remember Filozova at 40, but I do not remember when we canceled the show due to the fact that the ill Filozov “, – said the artistic director of the theater” School of modern Drama. “Joseph Raihelgauz

” through his films, through his close-ups, through eyes that shone the incredible blue, you can see that it is for the people what he is an artist, the degree of his talent, intelligence, breed, mind terribly sad to say goodbye, and to realize that he was so unexpectedly, just like at full tilt, left “, -. says people’s Artist of the RSFSR Irina . Miroshnichenko

in a movie called Filozova not immediately, but after the first serious role – in the film “residence permit” – offers fell down one after the other. “Tehran-43″, “A Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, “You can not dream” … In total more than a hundred films

Colleagues remember:. Hiding a rare talent to transform its inconspicuous appearance – then rogues and spies, the modest and demure intellectuals. To many, he is particularly remembered from his childhood in the form of Mr Banks from the movie “Mary Poppins, Goodbye!”

Albert Leonidovich was 78.


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