Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hunter without Snow White lived happily ever after – News


Usually sequels scale Hollywood picture is weaker than the starting part, but already released in rent” Snow White and the huntsman 2 “became happy exception. The first film was so unsuccessful that it was difficult to do worse. In addition, the makers of the sequel decisively moved away from the original source, and removed the original story.

Snow White was not there at all. In the spotlight – Eric Hunter by Chris Hemsvorta and the story of his life, brought up to the moment of confrontation with the queen-stepmother. Hemsvort good job on this: Eric is now able not only to chop enemies and throw a piercing gaze, but also a smile – his heart is not alien romance.

The new « Snow White » – a beautiful fantasy fairy tale with stunning costumes. Nothing more – the story fit into the canonical “and they lived happily ever after» . The main achievement here – three heroines, three works of great actresses: Jessica Cheysteyn, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron. As well as impressive visuals from director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who succeeded in the director’s chair Rupert Sanders.

The rate of the picture, and women proved to be a winning one. Dark Queen by Charlize Theron and her younger sister (Emily Blunt) are in themselves worth it to look at them. Both – extraordinary actress, having luggage diverse roles, but here they were required to basically beauty, carefully accented with luxurious costumes and fabulous entourage

Queen Theron – the whole image in which there is only one color:. Thirst for power. Frey (Blunt) is more difficult – to deceive a woman who has lost faith in love and freeze all their emotions, but the one who does not experience any feeling, is not able to suffer the pain

long-standing love-hatred sisters concerns and Eric. and his beloved Sarah (Chastain). Sarah, like Eric, a hunter, a warrior of the army of Freya. According to the laws of the Kingdom of the North can not love her, disobedience is punishable by death. Nevertheless, prohibitions always reinforce feelings of lovers. Capricious all-powerful love chooses not to those who deserve it, and the lucky ones. That is the simple message of the painting: even the royal power without love – the emptiness and decay.

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