Thursday, April 14, 2016

In the box “Skyscraper” Ben Wheatley Tom Hiddleston – BBC

A young psychiatrist Laing names (Tom Hiddleston), one of the last drives to an elite high-rise on the 25th floor. Above – lewd neighbor, a single mother, is even higher – the architect (Jeremy Irons) to the Middle Ages obsessed wife. Below – a hairy broadcasters loser (Luke Evans), even lower – at one of the pool. However, the problem will not start because of him, but because of the power outages, clogged garbage disposal and other small things, because of which the tenants promptly and aggressively ozvereyut

«Skyscraper.” – Cult novel of the British science fiction writer James Ballard, written in 1975. This dystopia impregnated premonition of social upheaval, the product distinctly Orwellian sense, which today is considered to be in vain warning the era of Thatcherism. Around since the publication of “skyscraper” wanted to film producer Jeremy Thomas (now the winner of the “Oscar” for the film “The Last Emperor»).

After going for almost forty years, several filmmakers Thomas has been given up and decided that favorite book just in principle ekraniziruema, but then fate brought him together with the British director Ben Wheatley.

Wheatley to this picture of locally made famous by two very strange and scary movies – “List of suicide” and “Time! Two! Three! Die! “, Filmed in an almost sequential manner. More surprising decision, he invented for the new picture, which the viewer meets emphasized retrofuturisticheskoy perfect picture, the ideal camera movement and editing. However, instead of putting retro (what would today was the exact adaptation of Ballard), Whitley, quite accurately follow the letter of the novel, not that demonstrative, but quite confident disclaims fashionable games of the past. Yes, all the characters go on a beautiful vintage cars, and some still wear funny hair and turtleneck under his jacket, and mobile phones, on the other hand, apparently, do not.

but at the same time directed to each successive minute makes it clear that the action of the film takes place in a space of the fantasy, not allowing him thus finally turn into a date, but boring (be honest) metaphor.

« skyscraper “built of very bright and smartly-taken scenes attractions – a good occasion to remember that the movie is not only a” deeper meaning “and high visual culture. With the sense, however, there is also the order, but each time seems to be necessary to finally make a massive generalization, Wheatley takes his or gag, or in an insert the clip from which a tight-fisted director would make a separate picture.

However, if not the most hardly interesting here think as a director, making no claim to revisionism, a pair of strokes places ballardovsky little world in a number of new circumstances.

When the written book, many were waiting for the disaster, but the collapse (or what is perceived as the collapse) was accompanied by one of the strongest in recent history of the UK cultural explosion called “punk-revolution.” In this case, it is important that the modern viewer knows (or even remember), that the destruction of the usual social relations not only leads to chaos, but also to improve the tone and improve the health of the active members of the community.

The Lang novel I was an outsider, almost arguer in the film – it is a full-fledged protagonist and the only one who is able to find its place. Sarcastic ballardovsky finals here eventually turns into something much more grand and makes the film work of an infinitely important. In the end, dystopia – a genre, of course, interesting, but still too much for today’s predictable. But anarchist enthusiasm and optimism pungent “skyscrapers” truly invigorate, recalling that for confidence in the future is sometimes enough just to have at least one landslide affection. If I could, even to the simulator for rowing.


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