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In rolling out “crew” Nikolai Lebedev – BBC

The young pilot Andrew Gushina (Danila Kozlovsky) there are a few qualities almost incompatible with a career: he arrogant, ambitious and very talented. Because of these properties Gushchin consistently takes off from the military and cargo aircraft. The last chance for the implementation of passenger air transportation are a small company, where Andrew is arranged under the patronage of Pope-aircraft (Sergei Shakur). Here the case, however, also do not go too smoothly. Entry for a short period manages to fall in love and quarrel with a colleague (Agne chest) and thoroughly annoy investor. However, the pilot Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov), tasked to train the youngster, quickly realizes that “our hands, but he has wings.” Soon there and the ability to show hidden until a certain talent:. On a small island in the Pacific volcanic eruption and rescue stranded there passengers nobody except Team Zinchenko – Gushina

Epidemic various remakes and other “answers” Hollywood blockbusters somewhat tired of the Russian audience, but the “crew” in this series – a special case

the picture of Alexander Mitta 1979 -. the first Soviet disaster movie, an epic about the heroic pilots, shot against all odds, a movie on the pathos of a completely modern. So when it was announced that the studio “TriTe” Nikita Mikhalkov addressed to the director Nikolai Lebedev ( “Legend №17″) for the production of a remake, it looked a step not exactly true, but it is clear and logical. During the way to the viewer to project more transformed, and what happened already can not be called a copy. The new “Crew” is based on some individual motifs and the general structure of the film Mitta, but in reality tells a different story, and most importantly – does it differently

Thirty-odd years ago, the director is built around his personal life. his characters completely independent drama that because a sharper resolved in a more spectacular parts. This time, the personal circumstances, their components and the intersection – a prologue, exposition, necessary to explore (but not too close) with the characters

In this sense, the new “Crew”. – it is more than “Titanic”, which was part of a disaster melodrama, and “Armageddon»

a comparison with Hollywood samples here by chance and is justified.. Fan of Steven Spielberg’s pupil and Mitta, Lebedev – one of the few Russian directors who manage to transform the laws of the Hollywood spectacle under domestic kinotraditsii. As is the case with “The Legend №17″, in the “Crew” may lack the drama of the late model. Sergei Shakur, in turn, with a dozen replicas makes thoroughly sweat young partners – in joint scenes schools the difference is obvious

On the other hand, is on the screen appear streams of lava. all the dramatic problems instantly forget: the conflict of three heroes with all four elements lined up perfectly and exciting

You can be sure that after numerous sessions of young viewers (age rating overcome 6+) will not soon forget. smelters of passengers by air, explosions and other extreme episodes picture. In this sense, the “Crew” and the truth is like a real flight: first crush at the airport and unpleasant neighbors around the cabin, then lays his ears, flying, turbulence, soft landing, applause. What part of the journey is more important – everyone decides for himself



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