Monday, April 11, 2016

Rogozin called the data on the cost of his apartment “nonsense and stupidity” – Rosbalt.RU

 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on radio “Echo Moskvy” that the cost of apartments, which published the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, is not true.

 According to Rogozin, the numbers that appear in the “so-called revelations” taken “from the bulldozer.” “It [the apartment] is not worth the money. Brad, stupidity some “- he said. Deputy Prime Minister said that the cadastral value of his Moscow apartment on the street Starovolynskaya – 29 million rubles. Note that the market value was specified in the materials of Transparency International.

 Properties for Starovolynskaya street Rogozin received as a result of the exchange of apartments in Greater Tishinsky lane. The latter, he said, it is worth 31 million rubles “under the contract of barter.” “But in fact, the market value of the apartments have not, it’s flat case management [President]“, – Rogozin

 Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister has commented on the data Transparency International. He called the publication of the material on his property provocation.

 In March, Transparency International published the investigation, stating that Rogozin’s family owns an apartment worth half a billion rubles. At the same time the head of the investigative department of the Fund’s fight against corruption George Alburi appealed to law enforcement agencies with the requirement to check the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on the subject of taking a bribe. But later Alburi suggested that, perhaps, Rogozin did not buy an apartment, and exchanged their old living space for a fee. In its report, the organization noted that 500 million rubles – this is ten times more than the income of spouses of Rogozin in 2011-2014

 In 2011, Rogozin pointed out in the declaration apartment of 126 square meters, and in 2013 – an apartment of 346 square meters



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