Friday, April 22, 2016

Romania was suspended from participation in the Eurovision Song Contest because of debts – RIA Novosti

The final of Eurovision Song contest. Archival photo

© AP Photo / Kerstin Joensson

MOSCOW, April 22 -. RIA Novosti Romania was suspended from participation in Eurovision-2016 due to accumulated since 2007, the country’s state television’s debt to the European broadcasting Union, which is the organizer of the event, the official website of the competition.

In the European broadcasting Union said that the debt of the Romanian television at the moment is about 14.5 million Euro and this amount should have to pay until 21 April. Now even banned television broadcast the contest.

“Unfortunately, we are forced to take such measures as We are very disappointed that the Romanian Government has not responded to the efforts we have made to resolve this issue.”, – Said director general of the organization Ingrid DELTENRE

The Eurovision-2016 in Stockholm from Romania should act artist Ovidiu Anton with the song Moment of Silence.

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