Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ryazan region, “Yesenin Russia” will build up strictly according to the rules – REGNUM

Ryazan, April 13, 2016, 19:48 – REGNUM The Ryazan region is now revealed 67 facts of violations of the legislation on cultural heritage objects. According to IA REGNUM informs in the press service of the regional government, it said the head of the regional State Inspectorate for Cultural Heritage Oleg Vasilkin April 13 at the briefing on the regulation of construction in the sights «Esenin Rus» .

in response to questions from journalists, the head of the state Inspectorate for protection of cultural heritage of the Ryazan region Oleg Vasilkin noted that in Konstantinovo village and other settlements in the territory of places of interest “Esenin Rus”, a number of restrictions during construction. “There are three areas: security, where construction is allowed in order to recreate the historic appearance of buildings, protected area of ​​natural landscape, where construction is strictly prohibited and controlled construction zone where construction is allowed, but there are limits …” – said Vasilkin. According to him, everyone to reconstruct a building or build a new one must obtain approval to the Inspectorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ryazan region. Each submitted project is considered by the Board, which includes architects, eseninovedy, scientists, representatives of public organizations.

The projects contain building rules, developed enterprise “Spetsproektrestavratsiya”, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Currently, active work on informing citizens about the requirements in the construction. It is carried out by the State Inspectorate of Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ryazan region and local authorities. They implement and control over compliance with conditions of construction.

Total in the region under consideration are 67 violations. In most cases, they are not of a serious nature and the owner voluntarily removed, or with claims to the court administration treated areas. Meanwhile, construction in the settlements included in the attractions, where it is allowed, being, as people should live in normal conditions and territory – to develop. “If in the village, or some portion of this huge territory to build something, it does not automatically mean that the construction is illegal. There are certain restrictions and prohibitions for each territory for each point has its own regulations, “- said Oleg Vasilkin

Speaking about the project, attractions” Esenin Rus “, which in 2015 brought in the Federal Register. Oleg Vasilkin noted that the quality and efficiency of its development is highly appreciated by the Ministry of culture, as well as the scientific and expert community. “This project was recommended as a model for other regions of the country”, – he underlined

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