Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stas Mikhailov sing in Yessentuki, Stavropol viewers of the money back – BBC News

The singer Stas Mikhailov, who was admitted to hospital directly from the concert in Stavropol, will perform Tuesday night in Yessentuki. The actor has already been discharged from medical facilities.

As told by its director Sergey Kononov, in Mikhailov just jumped pressure, the singer is now in order. Doctors suggest that problems with pressure from the Executive occurred because of the difficulties of acclimatization. In addition, affected by numerous flights and fatigue.

Earlier, some media have voiced version, that Mikhailov became ill due to fasting, but Kononov denied the speculation, saying the actor fasts balanced and reasonable, and if not go to extremes, fasting is not able to do much harm to health.

Spectators in Stavropol, which are not able to hear your favorite artist to return the money for tickets. It is reported that the concert was rescheduled for the fall.

Mikhailov became ill on Monday night. ambulance crew arrived and took a decision on urgent hospitalization.

The actor intends to continue the tour, as reported on his official website, ahead of concerts, records and new achievements.


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