Monday, April 18, 2016

Stas Mikhailov urgently hospitalized in Stavropol – “What’s going on?”

singer Stas Mikhailov

The Russian singer, songwriter Stas Mikhailov before the concert in Stavropol was hospitalized. It told the media at the Palace of Culture and Sports, which was to be held a concert. The source said that the ambulance had to be called twice, because the singer became ill. Due to the well-being Mikhailov concert did not take place.

Stas Mikhailov invited residents of the region to visit at seven o’clock in the evening concert, “I will be with you.” According to the poster, concert singer – is a reflection of his soul, as a poet, composer, lyrics and philosopher. Every woman and man who are not indifferent to the music, should attend the event, which will be the main event of their lives. Mikhailov Songs dedicated to both women and men, as well as their relationship.

According to the regional mass media, Mikhailov will stay in the hospital until the morning. He abruptly jumped up pressure. If everything is in order, then in the morning it may prescribe. While no information on the re-concert in Stavropol not. It is known that on April 20 the singer already scheduled another concert in Yessentuki.


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