Monday, April 18, 2016

Tambovchane the fourth time participated in the “total dictation” – TVNZ

April 16 took place the thirteenth by rigorous dictation. Its residents have written 732 cities around the world. Recall that the total dictation – an annual educational campaign aimed at promoting the awareness and increase interest in the Russian language

The Tambov the action took place for the fourth. time. This year, to check the knowledge of spelling and punctuation, it is more than 600 people. Tambovchane written dictation at four sites: two of them were located in the Pushkin library, the rest – in the central Library. Marshak and Sberbank office. Text dictation, called “This ancient, ancient, ancient world!” Wrote a children’s writer Andrey Usachev . Tambov, as well as other cities of the Central Federal District, dictated the third part of the “ancient world” – “briefly about the history of the Olympic Games»

-. To be honest, I was expecting a more complex text. It is worth noting that the dictation sometimes caused difficulties. Grammar I know quite well, but with punctuation I had problems. The most difficult was to properly arrange the direct speech. I look forward to their assessment of the dictation! I hope that my knowledge of the Russian language I did not disappoint – said a student of the Tambov branch RANHiGS Anastasia Vyaltseva

The results of dictation, which will post on the official website. , tambovchane learn after April 20.


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