Monday, April 25, 2016

“The Jungle Book” left the US and Canada box-office leader – BBC

In 2012, the free-style adaptation of Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Snow White and the Huntsman” long pobyla hire a hit (charges almost $ 400 million), remember the stellar composition – in this fantasy starring “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsfort Thor kinovselennoy from Marvel, and two “Oscars” (for visual effects and costumes). The company Universal Pictures at the same time announced a sequel, but a few years with the development of the project resigned director Rupert Sanders, abandoned its role of Stewart, who has focused on auteur cinema, and the continuation of the concept completely changed. With Hemsfortom Theron and was able to negotiate, and eventually turned a sequel rather prehistory of the famous fairy tale. In any case, the Russian rolled name “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ simply shows the relationship of the two films – no Snow White in it, and the original is called “Hunter: The Winter War» (The Huntsman: Winter’s War). That is Hemsfort hunter remained, but it was not enough.

Over the weekend, from 22 to 24 April, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ earned in the US box office and Canada’s only $ 20 1 million.

this is almost three times less than it was at the start of the first film ($ 56.2 million), and this was enough revenue only in second place. Critics smashed “Snow White and the Huntsman 2 ‘to the nines – in the picture a 17%” fresh “on Rotten Tomatoes, and not the highest approval from the audience. However, worldwide the film has earned $ 100.2 million, so that its 115 millionth budget he must pay back – though it is not clear with what result. In Russia, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ was released a week ago, and the first place in the ranking was not able to break through, giving Disney’s “Jungle Book”; by the end of the second weekend the film earned in the Russian hire about 200 million rubles.

It is interesting that in the United States, “Snow White and the Huntsman 2″ lost film “The Jungle Book”, which remained leader of box office with $ 60.8 million.

Previous Jon Favreau, “The jungle book” was a surprise hit at all. Rather, the company expected the success of Disney remake of the classic animated film in 1967, the last full-length cartoon films made by the founder of the Mouse House. Reymek made by all the rules of modern cinema – with the abundant use of the latest technology and with a minimum of live actors (they are there only two – actually Mowgli and his human father), as well as inviting well-known voices to voice Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and other invented Kipling inhabitants jungle. For two weeks rental charges of the new global “Jungle Book” have exceeded half a billion dollars ($ 528,400,000), he has already recouped its 175 millionth budget – and stop there not intend to. Particularly successful film rolls in China (about $ 100 million); in Russia it charges close to a billion rubles, however, the second weekend in cinemas in Russia, he conceded, “crew” Nikolai Lebedev – but, apparently, only because of the small number of available screens. The low age rating, which American analysts attributed the good rolling performance, “The Jungle Book”, was supposed to help the film in Russia.

In fact, we can already predict that neither the “Jungle Book” or “Snow White and the hunter 2 “will not hand over their positions at least until May 6, when will hire another edition of the cinematic universe of Marvel -« Captain America: Conquest. ” With other films, reached the Top 5 on the weekend, the situation is more uncertain, but they have a chance to stay in the top five for a week.

Now in third place takes comedy “Barber 3″ with Ice Cube.

The continuation of a series of films about the beginning of the zero Negro area of ​​Chicago has earned $ 10.8 million and bringing its total fees up to $ 36 million. The fourth was the cartoon “Zveropolis “which is in the top 5 for two months, during this time earned $ 907 million, of which $ 6.6 million in the US last weekend.

a fifth place went to Melissa McCarthy comedy” Big Boss”. History of clever businesswoman who served in prison and lost his business, gathered in movie theaters this weekend only $ 6 million, but its total revenue ($ 59 million) is enough to justify the 29 millionth budget and confirm the reputation of McCarthy as the income-comedian .


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