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Writer George RR Martin talked about the prequel to “Game of Thrones” – BBC

The writer George RR Martin suggested using a spin-off series “Game of Thrones” a series of “Tales of Dunk and Egg” with a knight-errant Duncan High (Dunk) and his squire, Prince Eyegonom Targaryen (Egg) as protagonists. . In principle, the writer is not against any basis for the new television adaptations of the world created by it

«We have no shortage of material”, – Martin said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He recalled that in the TV series “Naked City» (The Naked City, came out in 1958-1963, was created based on the eponymous film-noir 1948 talking about New York and its inhabitants) each series ended with the phrase “The Naked City eight million stories, and this is just one of them. »

« So in Västerås there are eight million stories, and even more in Essose and other lands. A whole world of history, waiting, when to tell them. If HBO is interested in it “, – concluded Martin

The channel HBO, which shows the series” Game of Thrones “in April 2011, probably very interested, but so far no concrete commitments on not. I am taking. It is also silent about the possible sequels, prequels and spin-offs, and the creators of “Game of Thrones” by David Benioff and Dan Weiss – they have other, more pressing matters. Martin, however, also had to be very busy, but somehow mysteriously found a few minutes to reflect on the distant future.

Who are the Dunk and Egg

Events of three “Tales of Dunk and Egg “takes place in the same world as in the saga” a Song of ice and fire “, which was withdrawn on” Game of thrones. ” If this project is implemented, it probably can be called a prequel to the cult series – Prince Eyegon Targaryen was the eponymous ancestor of the dynasty, overthrown shortly before the events of “Songs …”. Now this series of three stories: “Land Survey Knight” (1998), “Sworn Knight” (2003) and “The Mysterious Knight” (2010), and that this series did not end so quickly, Martin promised to write some more


«Each of the stories can be turned into a two-hour TV movie, which is more perfect way to film the book than to turn them into a weekly show,” – Martin sure


However, he noted that “Dunk and Egg” is softer than the “Game of thrones” and if TV producers want a tight plot, as in a rented TV series, they can turn to the days of the civil war Targaryen (also known as “Dance of the dragon»).

prequels and sequels

The word “prequel” to the “Game of thrones”, by the way, has already sounded. About a year ago, the program director of TV channel HBO, Michael Lombardo, with all due caution the occasion said that such a project is possible, if, of course, David Benioff and Dan Weiss are no other plans. Those, of course, have not confirmed anything, and indeed have been more focused on finding out how much needs to be done seasons the main show – seven (number of volumes in the epic Martin), eight (to give the writer the time to complete the saga) or even ten (probably to the series was one hundred or Martin definitely managed to finish seventh volume).

Yes, the main culprit of all this fuss was appointed Martin, which, however, is really to blame.

He quickly wrote the first three volumes of the “Song of ice and fire” (they came out in 1996, 1998 and 2000), but for the next two it took him 11 years ( the fourth was published in 2005, and the fifth – in 2011). Start of the series, of course, spurred the author and literary source – Martin constantly fed breakfast fans, promising to soon release a new, sixth volume, but every time I deceived their expectations. Last cheating happened this year: it was planned that “The Winds of Winter» (The Winds of Winter) will go to the premiere of the new season, but Martin asked him once to forgive again – has no time

Consequently, today no one. I can not predict what will happen with the seventh volume ( “a Dream of spring», a Dream of spring). Including Martin himself.

John Snow is dead or not

The TV, however, are almost independent of the publication of two recent books “Songs …”. series and the saga plot develops to the extent independently to the individual volumes were tied, only the first two seasons, with drafts and sketches of the plot, Martin their already acquainted (part of the “Winds of Winter” was used as early as the fifth season), and the main question asked by the audience, become events of the last series, for example, died John Snow (played by Keith Harrington) completely or not. So the authors of the series may just continue (or even complete) its “Game of Thrones” by virtue of the same understanding, in consultation with Martin in a particularly contentious areas.

On the other hand, release “a Dream of spring” at the same time with the final television saga would be just beautiful.

But the room for maneuver in Benioff and Weiss is already almost gone. The sixth season kicks off five days later, in the fall will begin shooting the seventh – and now need to be addressed, it will last or next. While they tend to make for two abbreviated seasons:. Seven episodes in the seventh and six – in the eighth

«I think we come to the last 13 after this series (sixth) season. We go to the final round, “- he said in an interview with Variety Benioff edition. Of course, he pointed out that still nothing has been decided, but said that they are now a co-author of considering this option completion “Game of Thrones».

This decision gives Martin two year to ensure that all the finish and “the Winds of winter”, and even “a Dream of spring” – after the second and third volumes, he still managed to find out during the same period

of course. he is now 67 years, fans of the saga have repeatedly expressed fears for his health (which the writer replied: “Do not wait!”), in his blog on LiveJournal.com he writes about anything except “Game of thrones” – a conventions, which travels about fantpremiyah followed, and so on, just as interesting fan Westeros

well, the sixth season will start on Sunday, April 24 -. it will be in Russia on Monday, 26- e, and show “Game of thrones” will be translated on-line service “Amediateka».


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