Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Alexei Navalny attacked the cops and the opposition – Kommersant

Today Anapa airport people in Cossack uniforms attacked a politician Alexei Navalny and activists fighting corruption based Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FBK). Among the attackers, according to local volunteers, were Cossacks of the city of Anapa troops. Previously, they interacted with the local opposition, including the support of environmentalists. At the same time, as reported by activists in the attack attended by representatives of the Cossacks Anapa district, which has always been loyal to the authorities.

press secretary Alexei Navalny Cyrus Yarmish told “Kommersant “that a group of unidentified men in Cossack uniform pre-assembled at the airport, waiting for the activists, first in a group of supporters of FBC fly packages with milk, then the fight started. “People in uniform attacked Alexei Navalny and his companions fallen kicked, – said Ms. Yarmysh.- Police officers from the beginning of the incident saw everything that happens, but came waddling only when our friend Artem Torchinskiy fell.” According to her, in the group of attackers was a lot of people with cameras that were filming a fight. “No complaints, we did not show, just started insulting and beating”, – assured Cyrus Yarmish, adding that Mr. Torchinskiy medical assistance, also suffered five supporters BCF

Alex. Navalny and his companions wrote a statement about the incident in the linear branch ATM transport and the administration of Anapa airport.

The Kuban Cossack army incident did not comment, one of the activists of the Cossack society Anapa Dmitry Slaboda assures that provoked a fight FBK employees. “The attacks were not there, it was a response. The video shows a man in a red T-shirt with elbow hit our Cossack, old, it falls, breaks his nose, and then he stands up for young Cossacks. Attack no one planned, wanted to pour the milk, which was done initially and then make all in the face “, – said Mr. Slaboda

Cossack, in question, -. Koschevoi ataman urban society Nikolay Nesterenko, who, according to “Kommersant”, also went to the police in connection with the application of his beatings. In 2013 Mr. Nesterenko was attacked, during which killed his driver. Currently, the North-Caucasian military court is hearing the case of the assassination attempt on ataman, in the organization of the crime accused the former deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly Sergei Zirinova, one of the Armenian Diaspora leaders Anapa.

One of Anapa obschstvennikov told “Kommersant” that the city worked two Cossack organizations – district and city. “In a sense, they were opposed. The district has always been part of the Kuban troops, the city more independent – she even worked with the opposition by environmentalists. Urban Cossacks control one of Anapa markets. Surprisingly, they are attacked by the opposition, especially in conjunction with the district Cossacks “, – he explained. Social activists said that the joint efforts of the city and district Cossack can say that the team of provocations “came from above”. “Urban organization has recently entered the Cossacks Register now formally subordinated to the district,” – he concluded

Coordinator Environmental Watch on North Caucasus Andrei Rudomakha calls share the Cossacks at the airport “completely insane like. the script and the execution. ” “The senseless brutality of the Cossacks surpasses, and the fact that one of the supporters Navalny also hit the Cossack, this cruelty does not justify in any way. Disgraced not only the Cossacks, but the entire Krasnodar region. It is sad that the members of this disgraceful action was respected me Cossacks Anapa urban society, known for their fight against crime and actions for the protection of nature and the rights of citizens and characterized certain independence “- he” Kommersant “said. Mr. Rudomakha believes that the Cossacks were unlikely on its own initiative. “Most likely, the idea of ​​this action was lowered on top of the curators of the department of internal policy administration of Krasnodar region. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that shares half attended both urban and district Cossacks, known for their corruption and complete control of the authorities “, – says Mr. Rudomakha

Elena Kotelnik. representative of Department of transport Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Southern Federal district (SFD), explained the “Kommersant” that the statement on the fact of fighting traffic police officers carried out checks at the moment none of the parties to the conflict are not detained.

Anna Perova, Krasnodar, Andrew Peppers


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