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Almodóvar brought to Cannes a Juliet – Moskovsky Komsomolets

De Niro wept on the red carpet film festival

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On the 69th Cannes Film Festival celebrated outstanding actor Robert De Niro. At 22 o’clock in the Palace of the Lumière brothers, it was impossible to get there.

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Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Fancy audience in tuxedos and bow ties, evening dresses, masquerade masks mysterious patient languished in the queue. But an hour after standing on your feet, someone had to leave the festival area: in casual clothes, jeans and jackets are not allowed. 72-year-old De Niro not only brought up a black car to the red carpet. He was accompanied by motorcyclists tuple as a sign of special respect. When fans and onlookers cheered the actor screams and applause, he tears. Then already shown cutting films with De Niro and a new picture -. “The stone fists” Jonathan Jakubowicz, where he played the famous boxer trainer The next day, as early as 7.30 am the browser “MK” had to work to knock in the queue to get on the competitive display of paintings of Pedro Almodovar’s “Juliet”. Things thoroughly inspect, opened cosmetics, wallets. It is best to go with an empty bag to 10 times a day, do not wait until it is turned inside out.

In fact, the heroine Almodovar called Julieta, but we decided to disguise the dissonant name and dubbed the film “Juliet.” On the eve of the show in the press box, journalists found a yellow envelope. Each – pink heart made of plastic and labeled “A & amp; J». Almodóvar and Juliet – Shakespeare almost. But Pedro was not Romeo. At the heart of figured the name of the daughter of the main character by the name Antia. That she had escaped from the mother and 13 years have not made itself felt, after her father was killed during the storm. On his shoulder was a tattoo of a heart with the names of the native women. Unhappy mother every year on the birthday of the prodigal daughter bought a cake, candles stuck in it, and then he flew into the trash. Almodovar took a picture in his trademark style, but it lacked that special beauty and sensuality, what we always expect from him. Is that at the beginning of the screen fills the blood-colored silk dress, and it folds resemble pulsating vagina. The story itself – it is by Shakespeare passions, but fog and invented. Apparently, this time the “Golden Palm” will be held by the glorious master.

While critics in the lead in the rankings German painting “Tony Erdmann,” tells of a father and daughter, which, unlike the heroines Almodovar find a common language . It comes on the heels of “Tony Erdmann” “Paterson” Jim Jarmusch. People have defended for nearly two hours and were not included in this gentle film about a bus driver who is not only in the soul of a poet, but he writes poetry. In the morning he goes in flight, watching the passengers and the city outside, are born in the head of the line. Then he goes home, where he meets a lovely woman with several trays of cakes. She constructs unimaginable outfits to match their food products. So they live: modestly and happily. The picture turned out and touching the crystal-clear, and this is different from many other festival opus. Something she recalled a documentary short film “Countryman” Anastasia Zverkova hero dreamed that the USSR and now came from Mali to Russia. He drives a tram in Irkutsk, watching the city life with humor and love, and in the evening on local TV weather reports read …

absolutely unexpected people in the Russian pavilion will present film projects. The leader of the group “Mumiy Troll” Ilya Lagutenko put their own money into the picture «SOS Sailor” – about the journey of his group from Vladivostok to the United States. As the director invited the American music video director Danny Drysdale. On an advertising poster – faceted storm in a glass of water and a sailboat on the waves. On the beach “Carlton” hotel rolled Russian party; Lagutenko promised concert, but in the end he did not act

Another unexpected hero of the day -. producer and director of the short film “Afloat” Sergey Sarkisov, part of the twenty wealthiest people on the Forbes list. Creative producer of the film by his son Nikolay Sarkisov, a former plastic surgeon, and now also a director. His father decided to debut in 57 years. He wants to film “The Brothers Karamazov,” “The Life of Klim Samghin,” Hemingway’s works. “This is a real man’s writer – said Sergey Sarkisov. – But unlike him, I do not like hunting and fishing. I do not understand people who decorate their homes with the dead bodies of animals. In our family, all built unusual. I, for example, in 50 years made a tattoo – after, as did my son. He was an excellent surgeon, but became a director. We could invite the director from the outside, but as my dad says, the money should remain in the family. Therefore confine its terms. Incidentally, present in the hall and my mom. Her film “Afloat” did not like. »

Already arrived in Cannes Isabelle Huppert to present a picture of Paul Verhoeven’s” It. ” At one of the events dedicated to the gender issue, the French star has appeared in a dress with a huge butterfly on his chest, and it attracted the attention. Value Kyrgyz director Ernest Abdyjaparov (writer “Heavenly nomad”, recently received in Moscow “Nika” Prize), put on the national headdress, and appear on the film market, as it is stuck temperamental producers from Turkey and Ireland, began to be photographed with him.

Surprised daring neckline American actress Susan Sarandon of the older generation. She also participated in the debate about women in film. She asked about Woody Allen, whose son Ronan Farrow in the days of the festival said that, perhaps, is the son of Frank Sinatra. With Woody Allen, he does not communicate after he seduced adopted daughter Soon-and married her. And at the opening ceremony comedian Laurent Lafitte remembered by Roman Polanski, was punished for a long-standing sexual offense, and unsuccessfully joked, maybe they have seduced Allen one stepdaughter. All this Susan Sarandon remarked. “Sexually abusing a child, he was not right” Her words of Woody Allen immediately flew to the festival.


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