Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brad Pitt saved a child from the raging crowd – Russian Newspaper

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Actor Brad Pitt is a good guy, not only on the screen. According to The Evening Standard, Pitt literally rescued the girl from the crowd of fans, almost crushed the child

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According to the publication, PE has been avoided during the shooting street scenes of the movie “Five seconds of silence” in Spain, the city of Las Palmas. Where the father of many children, Pitt walked past fans noticed virtually dent in the fence a little girl. And immediately rushed to her aid when spospeshestvovanii bodyguards, pulling the child out of the hustle. But the actor has won even more enthusiastic, approving roar, and the title of “Hero” by the Spanish press

“Five seconds of silence” (Allied) -. Spy war drama by Robert Zemeckis, the action takes place in 1942. “After a passionate affair with a French woman during a dangerous mission to North Africa American counterintelligence agent reported that the woman, whom he married and with whom he has a child, likely a Nazi spy”, – reads the synopsis of the tape. Author – Steven Knight ( “Z War of the Worlds”). The premiere is scheduled for November.

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