Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chinese adaptation of “Tetris” will be a trilogy – Russian Newspaper

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The joke about the need for adaptation of “Tetris” for decades have been circulating on the Internet, more than ever close to its intermediate apotheosis. Publication fun Deadline reports that claimed last year Tetris project. The Movie has received a budget of eighty million dollars and increased the number of people interested in the implementation of this madness

The resource broadcasting the film will be de joint project of US filmmakers and China:. Studio boss Threshold Entertainment Lawrence Kasanoff held fruitful talks Mr. Bruno Wu, a big businessman from China who is willing to fork

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neither a director nor a writer yet, but Kasanoff says that he has “some sketches picture story” <. / p>

work on the tape will begin next year in China. Also it pedaliruetsya even more surreal idea that all of this in the future may become a trilogy. Especially since the special effects on the project will be to steer the Dane Allan Smith in portfolio which nearly a hundred bands, including the “Transformers” and daveshny “Deadpool”

“Tetris.” – One of the most “running” franchises and can a good debut for the company Threshold Global Studios. It’s a great idea – to move to the big screen gaming brand, familiar to several generations “, – quotes the statement Kasanoffa

.” Tetris ( “tetraminoes” + “tennis”) was invented in 1984 in the USSR Alexey Pajitnov. To date, only different kinds of mobile devices, the game has been downloaded more than half a billion times, with an endless number of “hellos”, referred to it by the mass culture.

In the context of the news it makes sense to recall and cartoon classics of domestic horror cyberpunk . animation Nikolai Belov The Krypt, ending global tetrisapokalipsisom

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