Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the box “Warcraft” Duncan Jones – BBC

The world of orcs coming to an end. Horde forces green fanged warriors evil shaman Guldana opens a portal to another world. The new universe of alien encounters frightened deer from which the sorcerer immediately sucks the life to revive the newborn son of orcish leader Durotan (Rob Kazinski). Later, on the horizon there are “fine teeth” (ie, people), which orcs are planning to use as fuel for the “filth” – a magical substance that helps keep the portal open. The human kingdom Shtormgard, has long been at peace with the elves, dwarves and other magical races, the genocide is not ready and plans to fight back the invaders military forces under the command of the King (Dominic Cooper) and a knight Lothar (Travis Fimmel).

“Warcraft” had to go out for the New year, but the prime minister prevented even more highly anticipated “Star wars.” I had to smash them away from each other, because the film adaptation of the cult game universe created by the company of Blizzard, a priori, is one of the most anticipated premier of the season. The first audience is already actively discussing discrepancies with the network gaming myths and inaccuracies in the transfer to the screen visually grotesque characters. However, most gamers will likely be satisfied. Here lack of episodes, and even individual frames that make shrink the heart of anyone who ever (in 22 years of existence) touched Games series.

At the same time filmmakers and Blizzard It was obviously different and do not necessarily represent the target.

Games company strictly control the production of the painting, knowing that ideally it will be able to bring to the gaming franchise new flock. Universal Companies also had to be not just to please the geeks, but also to make a complete movie. In order to find a common denominator and settlement of conflicts of interests required a special solution, which was invited to the director’s chair Duncan Jones. This director has become famous thanks to “Moon” and “Source Code”, which demonstrated the ability to maintain full author’s handwriting, working in genre cinema. In an interview with “” Jones made it clear that Blizzard really stood over him, but fortunately, no violence Duncan, as a fan World of Warcraft, do not have to perform on a.

a distinctive feature of the “Warcraft” from other attempts to reach the level of “Lord of the rings” is that it is truly a piece-work

In the -. from the fantastic orc makeup staging to the smallest – can feel the author’s part. Not only that, it’s really quite a good fantasy world where orcs and humans clashed periodically want to pause and consider what should be, and about the heroes learn a few more than the script offers. The picture makes it clear that what is happening on the screen – a large part of history, and in this sense the task of transferring to the screen the game universe is made perfectly. In addition, the story of the militant settlers gives rise to talk about the relevance of “Warcraft” in the context of world politics. Of course, it is strange to seek direct political allusions in the film, which is part of the heroes piercing fangs protruding from its mouth. On the other hand, the other managed to find similar connotations, and in the cartoon about angry birds, so why not.

In the end, every tale contains not only a lesson but also a hint.

Another thing that closer to the final effect, speeding, starts unpleasantly reminiscent of the “Game of thrones.” Moreover, both in terms of unpredictable mortality of the main characters (fans of the series, as we see this as realism) and iz-za that the events “Warcraft” are, at best, the first part, and even exposure to the main action, the fate of which depends from the box office. Of course, the viewer has already begun to get used to that, coming to a movie, he can easily get the big-pilot of the future of the series, but the irritation is still not escape. However, one must admit that to find out what will happen next is really interesting.


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