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In rolling out “X-Men: Apocalypse” – BBC

Cairo, 1980. Unidentified Arabs in the backyard diner excavated the tomb in which many thousands of years on Earth is languishing first mutant named Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). This superman lived a long life, reborn several times, but in the end he was betrayed by cowardly Egyptians, and now eager to take revenge on mankind. Apocalypse befit riders, so it is gaining followers of unsteady spirit of superheroes led by lost their chance for a peaceful family life in Poland Magneto (Michael Fassbender). But resist embodied end of the world will once again command the good Dr. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), consisting both of the tested last combat fighters such as blue female chameleon Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Mercury (Evan Peters) and newcomers like Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and too little blue Nightcrawler (Cody Scott McPhee)

«Apocalypse.” – the final part of a new trilogy of the mutants, renegades, and it is logical that at this time directed by Bryan Singer I sent them towards the end of the world

In addition to the director this is the fourth film in the series -. most suitable for spring and summer blockbuster clash he had already used. However, for the 16 years that have passed since the release of the first film singerovskogo changed is not that everything in the world kinokomiks, but more critically. Superheroes in search for movie several times becoming similar to humans (as Christopher Nolan’s Batman or Iron Man) and cartoon characters (as in “Guardians of the Galaxy”). X-Men in this series look like they are supposed to: strangers among their – very futuristic with their lasers and too retro in relation to modern kinostilistike. And so it is logical that after the “Days of Future Past”, which faced the future and the past of the new film is set entirely in the past.

Another thing is that if it’s retro, then some non-obvious. Another kinokomiks about 1980 – “Keepers” Zack Snyder – carefully reconstructed the smallest details up to a specific frame color. Singer, on the other hand, takes as if signs of the times he only hinder, but on the contrary show a few ennobled, but revealing old-fashioned special effects – lightning, lasers and bulky makeup blue-skinned characters

If you do not see the captions, instead of Oscar Isaac in the Apocalypse in general can be suspected of engineering the doll of a high-tech papier-mache.

With a plot also some difficulties. Comics’ X-Men, “originally, as is known, began in 1960 as an allegory of the plight of various minorities. Accordingly, the new film had to once again demonstrate the role of a rogue in the salvation of mankind, to illustrate the simple thesis that nobody should write off. However, by today’s laws studio movie “Apocalypse” was to become a large-scale canvas with the heroes of epic proportions. But the characters too much, they get confused easily, and what is happening on the screen most of the time melteshenie resembles a general plan of the battle scenes, which do not really see anything, and therefore do not feel the importance of what is happening. When the author proposes a closer look closely to the characters, there is above all the question of why the mutants in the transition to the side of evil should definitely dress in costumes appropriate for the provincial party transvestites. Especially I got Michael Fassbender, who at first for 20 minutes to speak (and sing!) In Polish, and then as much meaningful to hang in the air with a silly hat on his head and surrounded by flying around the glands.

However, the despair in the artist’s eyes recently played Macbeth, looks quite genuine.

The only truly bright spot in the “Apocalypse”, as in “Days of future past” Evan Peters became the hero nicknamed Mercury. The scene in which he rescues from death the entire population of the school Dr. Xavier has again become the best in the film, and only strengthened the desire to see a single film devoted only to him – no extras. However, first we all have a third movie about Wolverine, whose behavior in the “Apocalypse”, admittedly, a sample of sanity. Traditionally decorated whiskered hero Hugh Jackman, hardly appeared very quickly runs out of the frame and no longer appear.


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