Friday, May 20, 2016

In the US skochalsya voiced character actor Scrooge McDuck – RBC

In the United States at the age of 96 years died actor Alan Young, voiced the character Scrooge McDuck in the cartoon “DuckTales”. This was The Associated Press reported the Internet Representative for the elderly (retirement community), where Jung lived in the past four years.

She explained that the actor passed away on Thursday, May 19, adding that the death was due to natural reasons. At the time of the death of Jung were his children.

The actor was born in the north of England in 1919. In recent years, according to the agency, he called the date of his birth 1924. Yang’s family moved to Canada when he was a child. In the early 1940s, the actor got a job in the Canadian radio, and later moved to the US. In 1946, he starred in “Margie”, then played roles in “Androcles and the Lion” (1952), “Gentlemen marry brunettes” (1955) and some others.

He also played in the sitcom “Mister Ed” was aired in the years 1961-1962. The 65 episodes of the cartoon “DuckTales” actor voiced the character Scrooge McDuck, and voiced the cartoon “The Great Mouse Detective” (1986).

Alan Young is also the owner of the Emmy Award, which he received in the early 1950s years in the category “Best actor comedy series.”


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