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International Booker Prize gained Han Kang from South Korea – RBC

International Booker Prize in 2016 received a South Korean writer Han Kang for his novel “Vegetarian”. It became known from the official Twitter premiums. Announcement of the winner took place at a gala dinner at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in the evening on 16 May. The award of £ 50 thousand. The author is bisected by the translator of his novel “Vegetarian” in English Deborah Smith.

In Britain, the novel “Vegetarian” Han Kang was published in early 2015. He became the first product of South Korean writer, translated into English. At the same time at home Kang book was even 11 years ago. “Vegetarian” – surreal story about a woman who refuses to meat and becomes a tree, which penetrates into the essence of human cruelty. 45-year-old Khan, whose work is well known in South Korea, also teaches at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. A translator into English of her novel – Deborah Smith – began to study the Korean language only seven years ago

Since 2016 the rules of awarding the International Booker Prize changed.. The award was established in 2005, and since then, the award winners are chosen every two years. But the international “Booker” was decided to hand over in 2015, a year – for a particular book and its translation. The winner of the award may be the author of any nationality whose works have been translated into English. Main Prize award is £ 50 thousand., Which are divided equally between the author and the translator. The remaining nominees prepared by £ 1 thousand.

The founder of the international “Booker” is the same fund that annually awards the Booker Prize in 1969. “Traditional” Booker Prize, in contrast to the international, awarded only for works written in English.

The short list of international Booker Prize 2016 was made public in April. It included six authors. The most famous of these was the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk with his latest novel “My strange thoughts.” In 2006, Pamuk was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature with the phrase “the author, who in search of melancholic soul of his native city has found new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures.” Above the “My strange thoughts” Pamuk has worked for six years. The novel covers more than forty years – from 1969 to 2012. The protagonist Mevlut running on the streets of Istanbul. Life changes trader, in his eyes made the revolution, the authorities succeed each other, and in my head Mevlut meanwhile swarmed strange thoughts about everything.

The most mysterious participant list with the novel “The History of a lost child” became a writer, hiding under the pseudonym Elena Ferrante. About her we only know that it comes from Naples. Her first novel, “best friend” was published in 1991, and at the same time, in a letter to publishers Ferrante announced that it would not take part in presentations and interviews. With translators writer communicates by e-mail facilities. Novels Ferrante translated into dozens of languages, and her first book in Russia is due out in the autumn of 2016.

Also shortlisted entered the Chinese Yan Lyanke ( “Four Books”), Angolan President Jose Eduardo Agualuza ( ” The general theory of forgetting “) and the Austrian author Robert Sitaler (” All life »).

Lyanke Yan from China is called the” master of the absurd realism. ” In the novel “Four Books”, he outlined his country’s history, the end of the 50s, and people involved in the labor camps. In October 2014 Lyanke Yan first Chinese writers won Kafka. And the works of the author have been translated into more than 20 languages. At home Lyanke called living classic, and one of the Chinese writers who followed Mo Yan can get the Nobel Prize for literature

The writer and journalist of Angola Jose Eduardo Agualuza -. The author of “The General Theory of oblivion” of the novel. His main character – a woman who for 30 years did not leave his house. In 2007 Agualuza became the owner of the British literary award. First among African writers he won Independent Foreign Fiction Prize for his novel “The Merchant past».

The Austrian writer Robert Sitaler was nominated for the award for his novel “The whole life.” This is a story born in a small valley in the Austrian Alps, which left her for serving in the army during World War II. When he returned, the hero discovers that the outside world has changed his home.

The jury of the International Booker Prize this year went critic and writer Boyd Tonkin, an anthropologist and novelist Tahmima Anam, a professor of French literature and comparative studies at Princeton, David Bellos, publisher Daniel medina and the British poet Ruth Pedel.

The winner of the award in 2015 was the Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai. International “Booker” he received for the collection of his works, in which the jury noted the “deep imagination and complex passions.”


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