Sunday, May 22, 2016

Minnikhanov decided on the choice of candidates in the primaries in the State Duma of the Russian Federation – RBC

The head of Tatarstan voted in the Republican primaries, noting that a new form of voting is to help the people most deserving candidates.

President of Tatarstan arrived in his enumeration area to take part in early voting on the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the party “United Russia”, exactly at 8 am. Head of the republic was the first visitor to the polling station primaries №16.26.001.

recall today – a single day of early voting for candidates for State Duma deputies from the party “United Russia”. According to Tatarstan operates 560 polling primaries. 58 candidates registered in the republic. Voting is conducted by the rating principle: the voter can support several participants. Candidates from the date of the primaries start held about 600 meetings with voters, participated in 37 debates, 6 of which have been live on television.

He sat down at the table to get the newsletter, Rustam Minnikhanov asked how things are going, and then waited for the tellers to fill all the necessary forms. Minute break did not fail to take advantage of a voter who received the ballot at the next table. She asked the President to make him selfie. Rustam Minnikhanov has not given up

Having a newsletter, the President of Tatarstan went in the booth and spent quite a long time -. About 5 minutes

-. The new form – said Rustam Miinihanov in communicating with journalists. – We hope that it will give the public the opportunity to choose the most deserving. And I am sure that the residents of the republic poderzhat preliminary vote, and decent people will be identified.


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