Saturday, May 21, 2016

On Filevskaya line train to run it in honor of Shakespeare – Town non-stop news channel

Photo:Юлия Ivanko

will launch themed train in honor of William Shakespeare Filevskiy subway line. Event priurochat to the 400-year-old memory of the anniversary of the poet and the Year of Russian language and literature, reports agency “Moscow”.

The composition of the “Shakespeare of passion” will run on Filevskaya line for six months, starting from 24 May.

On the outside of the cars will be placed photographs of people with different emotions. Each portrait is surrounded by Emoji on the themes of love, hate, power and death. Inside the cars the same characters illustrate the quotes of famous works of Shakespeare. Thus, the passengers of the train will be able to present themselves as heroes of famous drink of the author.

In addition, the train will be equipped with a point to remove selfie and special internet platform, which will inform the curious passengers about the playwright and allow to take part in various competitions .

New registered trains in the subway previously reported, in June in the capital’s subway will run three trains, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of “Soyuzmultfilm”.

Each of the ten cars of these trains will be decorated with scenes from the cartoon, familiar to all from childhood. The walls decorate the trains quotes cartoon characters, as well as directors of photography “Soyuzmultfilm”.

As noted, the purpose of the project is not only to show footage of the famous cartoons, but also tell about the people who were behind the creation of all of your favorite images. The cars can be read interesting facts from biographies of famous cartoonists and entertaining stories that occurred during the creation of cartoons.

The last car of each train will illustrate the frames of contemporary works directors “Soyuzmultfilm”, which won prizes at festivals.

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