Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Organizers of the “Eurovision” will not revise the results of the competition 2016 – BBC

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will not revise the results of the “Eurovision-2016″, and the winner will be Ukrainian singer Jamala.

«The winner was determined by the professionals of the music industry and the viewers, you have 50% in this result.

Jamal won the broad support for both judges and those who voted by phone.

She won thanks to the outstanding emotional performance of the song, who told a personal story, “- said in a statement

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Music contest “Eurovision-2016″ was held from 10 to 14 May in Sweden. In the final, he took first place with Jamal’s song “1944″, dedicated to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Second place went to the representative of Australia Demi Him, spevshey song «Sound of Silence», and the third – the Russian singer Sergei Lazarev, has performed «You Are the Only One». At this year’s “Eurovision” the first assessment of the jury and the spectators were summed, and the gap between Jamal and Lazarev was only 43 points.

In this case, Demi He became the leader of the voting of the jury, and Lazarev -. first in the televoting

Immediately after the end of the contest on the website Change.org. there was a petition demanding to revise the results of the “Eurovision-2016″. She prepared a site user Artur Hovhannisyan from Yerevan that in the description of the goal of collecting signatures indicated that the winner of this year is not the one who was supposed to win. He wrote that the petition is to the organizers of the competition -. European Broadcasting Union, which must listen to disagree with the fans

The petition quickly start voice dialing competition fans .

by the end of Monday, May 16, it was signed by 30 thousand people, after 15 hours the number had reached 200 thousand, and by the time the response from the EBU -.. exceeded 300 thousand

broadcasting Union officials could not fail to draw attention to this activity of those who contest looks. They promised to consider the appeal and issued its verdict shortly

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«We understand those passions and emotions, which creates competition. And in light of this, we decided to consider your petition and respond to it, “- said in the EBU statement

Organizers of the” Eurovision “was reminded that this competition, which can only be one winner. and expressed understanding that not everyone may agree with the outcome of this year, having decided that the refereeing was subjective.

«Ukraine has been and will remain the winner in 2016.

Do you agree or not, we encourage those who signed the petition, accept the result obtained in accordance with the rules, and to continue a constructive dialogue on how to improve the “Eurovision”, – concluded the EBU <. / p>

In principle, the answer to this, it was clear that the results of “Eurovision” will be abolished not (about once warned a spokesman for EBU Paul Jordan). So the contest in 2017 will take place exactly in the Ukraine – though it is unclear in what city and what site. Who initiated the “Eurovision-2017″ made by several cities, including Odessa, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk.

However, the most obvious candidate is Kiev, which has already hosted the competition in 2005.

There are a few outstanding issues of the future of “Eurovision”. For example, if the Ukrainian authorities to allow the Russian delegation, if someone is out of it will be included in the black list of people, threatening the security of Ukraine. However, the EBU has already spoken on this subject is quite specific: to determine who to send to the competition can only participating country. Iosif Kobzon, who was included in such a list, expressed his wish to speak on the competition and to sing a song in the Ukrainian language.

In addition, there is also the problem of financing. The cost of the “Eurovision” vary widely (in 2012, Azerbaijan spent $ 64 million, setting an absolute record), but the representatives of Ukraine have said they expect to spend a much smaller amount. However, in the budget it is not, and the Ukrainian organizing committee expects to attract sponsor funds.


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