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Pay and repent! On the “repressive” monster in Moscow stryasut 160 million people with – On the eve

To create a memorial to victims of “political repression” gentlemen plan to raise as much as 160 million rubles. About this Agency urban news “Moscow,” said the director of the State Museum of History of the Gulag honorary nesident Roman Romanov

He said that the monument to victims of political repression “Wall of Grief” will be created from bronze, height -. 6 m, the length of slightly more than 30 m. The funds will be collected via the official website of the Foundation commemorating the victims of political repression. The special boxes at the exhibition at the Museum of the history of the Gulag will also receipts. The fund-raising will be attended by partner banks and “Mail of Russia”.

“Funds for the monument will be assembled prior to May 2017, the monument itself will be installed 30 October 2017 g.” – said nesident

Deputy Mayor for social development Leonid printers said in turn that “to create this monument without the participation of national resources from all points of view, wrong that.. not just a “mourning wall”, which is the wall that should separate the two epochs “.

Earlier it was reported that, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin” on the construction of a memorial to victims of political repression “of September 30, 2015 in Moscow, at the intersection of prospect Academician Sakharov and the Garden ring, a monument will be erected “mourning wall” project G.Frangulyana sculptor.

Here’s a monstrous hrenovina be concocted to terrify Muscovites . (! and at their own expense) in Moscow

And here such here – in Moscow, capital of Russia ?!
We have multiplied !” – pathetic announced some time ago, mummified in his lifetime, Ms. Alexeyeva and … no, it’s almost impossible to believe, immediately demanded that Putin (from the Russian state, but addressed-it to President) money! Money – that now is not sponsored by Western sponsors of the so-called “human rights” (as if to speak directly – often openly subversive, sabotage and subversive) activities, and that the money allocated by the state to them directly. Furthermore! Alekseeva demanded not just money, but that Putin himself would have it all ordered publicly

Some would say -. There is one diagnosis – senile, but I do not agree. This is the fundamental approach is always inherent in all dissidents otsidentam, nesidentam and neponyatnosidentam. Require and did not hesitate to immediately spit in his hand giving – it is their life principle, it is their nature, that they are able to do well and professionally, because, as a rule, they have nothing else in life can not do at all. Well, except, of course, overseas masters. There – nizya! There may crack. At home – in.

And now it is not enough that they are sponsored directly from the budget of Russia, they are brazen enough that they decided the people of the Russian climb

The term political repression in his pockets! however, like many others, it is actually a gross falsification and lies. That is – in principle

Because -. No “political repression” in the Soviet Union was not at all. Well, not in the USSR, a separate “political” Code on penalties! It was not!

It was the Code of Administrative Offences and the Criminal Code. And convicted, according to the first, became offenders at fault (warning, a fine, 15 days), and convicted of a second – criminals. That is to say, everything was exactly the same way as in today’s “democratic” Russia. In which, as we know, there are no political prisoners and human rights defenders – the darkness, several thousands

All those who are strictly in accordance with the law, were legitimately (and that was all it was legitimately -. Agree with this even many of the current “human rights activists” among the more or less adequate) convicted criminals were natural – no difference, they were convicted of murder, theft, rape, treason or incitement to overthrow the socialist system. All of these “innocent victims” – criminals, because they had been convicted in accordance with the law, namely -. In accordance with the Criminal Code

Then ask yourself – Why and for what purpose in our capital homeland is proposed to establish a huge ugly do not get that, that that was not there?!

Today, there is a clear sense of what we are seeing an active phase of another attempt to “liberal revenge.” And a new surge of “de-Stalinization” and “desovitizatsii” – it is only a litmus test that in the higher echelons of Russian highly escalated the confrontation of different forces. Connected one to another elementary simple – in the current crisis (and it really is a crisis, there will not argue) government – it concerns its economic, monetary and libertarian bloc – to show at least some of his “achievements” and “success” is not possible because complete lack thereof.

Moreover, instead of the “invisible hand of the market”, which is bolder fumbles in his pockets beginners dissatisfied frown Russians, thereby libertarian, monetary “economic bloc” to push through, pressed through such measures that may , about the present majority of the citizens in the near future will be remembered with a sad nostalgia. Drastic cuts up to castration social sphere (this is education, and medicine, etc.), the elimination of farms, a sharp increase in the retirement age (in fact, in the current life expectancy of Russians this can be interpreted as a general abolition of pensions as such), and much more, not less shock – that’s what the Russian people preparing these citizens of the “economic block”

the fact that they had nothing more to offer can not -. it is clear. It is not clear, however, why this team monetarists is still in their seats

But it is clear, and the other -. All this muddy shaft “de-Sovietization” targeted, massively, in a coordinated and orderly re-launched right now is including (but not only) in order to, in response to the inevitable growing discontent of the majority of Russian citizens, thereby citizens once daily pour into beaks with all TV about how horrible and terrible it was something really in the Soviet Union.

and that is really coordinated and artificially running information and mud flow, no doubt.

what is disgusting and repulsive become today the Russian economic reality, the stronger and more insistent us from TV inspire, whatever it was bad in the Soviet Union. At the same time, brand not only Stalin – all the great Soviet people, all the wonderful Soviet people we forcibly offer considered subhuman, cattle, for which we, his direct descendants, we must repent and which to be ashamed

and praise should be exclusively Trotskyists, criminals and traitors – those who have committed criminal offenses, fought in the SS units on the Fuhrer’s side (and get paid for it then “political” article), who at the time when the Soviet people build, create , raised, defended his country without sparing neither strength, and often their lives – on state rations holed up behind barbed wire.

and at the expense of the people to erect them monstrous, ugly and apocalyptic monumental hrenoviny – that we repent and pay.


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