Friday, May 27, 2016

Returning after the launch of the Falcon 9 first stage may fall down from the platform – RIA Novosti


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WASHINGTON, May 28 – RIA Novosti. The owner of SpaceX Elon Musk is afraid that has come back after the launch of the Falcon 9 first stage may fall from plaformy not get to Earth, he wrote on his Twitter account.

“rocket speed at landing was close to the maximum the payment, stabilizer involved in the collapse of the case, in consequence of which has been propelled forward back- all right, but there is some risk of overturning.” – Musk wrote. In his remarks, this item will be easily replaced (if Falcon will return to the port) “.

Falcon 9 rocket launched the satellite Thaicom 8 for Thailand at 00:39 MSK on Saturday. Ten minutes later, the rocket as tall as a 15-storey house vertically landed in the center of a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean to the applause of SpaceX employees. The company aired a rocket landed on the air.

Prior to the start in SpaceX itself Musk very carefully evaluated the probability of successful prizmeleniya due to high loads during launch of the satellite. Officially, the company yet it did not give an assessment of which returned the first stage, reporting a successful landing

on account SpaceX now four returned after the rocket launch:.. three landed on the barge in the Atlantic, one – the cosmodrome The company hopes to make the first flight of a reusable rocket in June. According to calculations, the reuse of the first stage can reduce the cost of space missions by 30%.


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