Monday, May 23, 2016

rock collapse blocked the 150 people in Krasnoyarsk mine – RBC

Quarry” Eastern “mine in the North-Yenisei district, 2009

Photos Vitaly Bezrukikh / «RIA Novosti»

In the Krasnoyarsk region after the collapse of the rock at the bottom of the quarry gold mine 150 people were blocked . When the incident no one was injured, rescue workers are evacuating workers

Due to the collapse of the rock at the bottom of the quarry gold mine were trapped about 150 people in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This Tass said a spokeswoman for the regional Emergencies Ministry Alain Aleksishina control.

She said that the incident occurred in the “Eastern” mine quarry in the North-Yenisei district. As a result of the accident destroyed the road leading to the site of development. This threat to the life of people there, stressed the representative office.

According Aleksishinoy, the collapse could be due podmytuyu wall quarry groundwater.

Later in the regional administration to “Interfax” the Russian Emergencies Ministry They said that more than 20 people have already been withdrawn from the quarry mine. “There is evacuated using emergency equipment. 24 people have already been evacuated. We expect that in the coming hours the operation will be completed, “- said the source. According to him, to evacuate using the stairs. Workers must pass section obsypaniya up about 3 meters.

The mine “Vostochny” belongs to the Olimpiada mine, located 600 kilometers north of Krasnoyarsk. Development of the field is PJSC “Polyus Gold”.


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