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The actor of the film “Warcraft” Toby Kebbell: playing the bad guy is always interesting – Arguments and Facts

On May 26, a rolling out an online sensation – an epic fantasy “Warcraft” based on the popular game of the same name. The film is about the confrontation of people, dwarves, elves and orcs took director Duncan Jones , son of the famous musician David Bowie . found in the details of the filming British actor Toby Kebbell , which is in the “Warcraft” played the role of one of the main characters -. the wise leader of the clan of Orcs Durotan

Toby Kebbell film Warcraft. Photo: Still from the film

«It was joy to play this role,»

Elena Yakovleva, Toby, tell of a hero, which you play . movie “Warcraft»

Toby Kebbell: When Duncan Jones came to me with the idea of ​​the film, he said, “Durotan – this hero, who will soon be born child. He – the head of the clan of Orcs and must make a heroic decision. Can you play it “- and I said:” I’ll try to … »

My character is trying to recreate destroyed the world by force, while trying to be understanding and honest.. The game Durotan – the father of one of the key characters of the world Warcraft. The film is also a kind of prehistory, a preface to this world

It has been a joy to play this role -. That’s all I can say. By the way, I’ve never played the game, I – an ordinary user consoles, although three of my older brother’s computer gamers

-. You must have been pleased to play a positive hero after a few villainous roles ( Doctor Doom in “Fantastic Four,” Koba in “Planet of the apes: The Revolution»)

– Yes. Play the evil, vile characters is always difficult, because you are completely transform into his character, and then you start to think: “I am – an evil creature! I can not believe I’m such a horrible person. »

Photo: A scene from the movie

– But there is something attractive to be bad. ..

– Yes, I can be bad for me, it’s not even planted, it is always a good addition, work on similar roles often helps to understand yourself and when you start.!. dig into yourself, the better you understand your character I do not know a single person in which there would be no good It’s interesting -.. to play bad guys, because they are often very intelligent

«I need. ! ax »

– orc Durotan and the leader of the people Anduin Lothar in the film should work together

-? Yes, and this communication is built through the Garona (slave shaman orc Gul’dan played Paula Patton – Ed.) – half-man, half-orc I do not know how the human race came into Draenor -.. world orcs Perhaps there are people, and can their enslaved Gul’dan, and it was born from this union. It Garona organizes meetings between orcs and humans, because he knows both languages. I do not want to disclose details, but she has a very important role in the film – it is a translator and organizer of the meeting between the King Llane (his role played British actor Dominic Cooper – Ed.) And the hero of Travis Fimmel , which plays a commander from the people

Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton in the movie Warcraft. Photo: Still from the film

– «Warcraft” was filmed on the principle of “Avatar” – with the help of modern technology motion-capture (ie, the actors who played the orcs wore special suits with motion sensors). ? What do you think this experience filming

– One of the drawbacks with the motion capture film that most people who are involved in this kind of shooting, are not used, they do not have the traditional attributes: a steep suit or different hairstyles. All the time you spend in an uncomfortable helmet, special pajamas and a computer behind. It’s difficult, because you can not hide anything – computer records your every movement, which must necessarily conform to the character. Technique does not say, “Oh, he’s not in the form of little constrained, so its arm is bent in the opposite direction or compresses only one fist.” You do not have props …. if you’re lucky, you’ll hold something in their hands. For example, we had axes, and then only because many actors say, “I need an ax! This short gray stick that weighs next to nothing, is absolutely useless!. »

Many of the actors after this experience a better understanding of the technical side of filming. This symbiosis of acting talent and technical skills.

Photo: A scene from the movie

« I fully laid out on the set »

– I liked to talk to the Orc language

-? Paula Patton and I spent a lot of time working hard to Orcish it made sense Sometimes I get some discrepancies with. how these words are uttered in the game. But I think it does not matter, as long as the words was the idea.

Paul also was phenomenal, it is never improvised and tried to properly pronounce each question.

Photo: A scene from the movie

– What was it like working on a film under the direction of Duncan Jones

– He’s a very talented young director. This is his third film. Among Duncan’s very nice to be, he has a practical mind and a great taste. He does not doubt yourself and not worry about the little things. He can be trusted. So when he says that it is necessary to do so-and-so, and you trust him to do everything, even if you personally this seems strange. I fully laid out on the set (not that I do not always work at 100%, but when you lose confidence in the director, the play is not so)

-. During the filming hast time spent with the other orcs. You had time to make friends

-? I think that for the majority of all it was. But I mostly talked to Travis Fimmel, so I do not know

A special pleasure I got from communicating with Clancy (Clancy Brown starred in the role of commander orc Blackhand – Ed.).. We have him interesting feeling humor is rarely seen. I was ready for anything, if Clancy was involved. I love this guy, he’s a great man. He has vast experience of filming, he voiced Sponge Bob! Clancy is worthy of respect, and I was very lucky to learn from such great people.


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