Monday, May 23, 2016

The prosecutor’s office will check the new clip “Leningrad” on the promotion of alcohol – RBC

The leader of the group” Leningrad “Sergey Cords

Photo: Christina Kormilitsyna / TASS

St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office began checking the new clip of group” Leningrad “-” In Peter – drink “- to alcohol promotion. This “Fontanka” said the representative office.

Check the clip has asked the deputy Evgeny Marchenko city legislature. He, as well as several public organizations of St. Petersburg sent their questions in early May.

Earlier, the deputy has commented on the video “Leningrad”. “I think that the song and the clip on it a disgrace to our city. That video was released on the eve of Holy Easter – is a slap in the face to all believers. And the fact that he came on the eve of May 9 – an insult to all veterans. I believe that this kind of immoral work must not be accessible to the citizens of our country “, – he said in an interview with the publication of” My Area »

Earlier, the chairman of St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee Viktor Kononov thanked the leader”. Leningrad “Sergey Shnurova” for what does not forget his native city, which really is the center of tourism. »

« This is exactly the same version of that, after listening to this song, as it were, who neither refers to the clip , the group “Leningrad” and Sergei Corded (negatively or positively), will have a desire to visit St. Petersburg. Optionally, all follow the wishes of the author, but just to make sure that here, in St. Petersburg, has everything – monuments, museums, restaurants, events and festivals for all tastes and ages, “- the official said” Fontanka »

. The release of the video “In Peter – drink” was held on 30 April. To date, the video looked almost 9.7 million people. The new clip of “Leningrad” removed Parmas director Anna – author series “Caution, Art!” And “Beware of the Art Nouveau! 2 “and writer” Kokoko “and” 2 days “.


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