Thursday, May 26, 2016

The ruble rose against the dollar and the euro in early trading Thursday – Interfax

Moscow. 26 of May. INTERFAX.RU – The ruble rose against the dollar and euro on the Moscow stock exchange on Thursday at the opening of trading, the dollar for the first time this week retreated below 65 rubles, the euro fell to the lowest this year against the backdrop of Brent crude oil prices rise above $ 50 a barrel

US dollar trades began on Thursday ETC transactions in the range 64,88-65,15 rubles., an average of one and a half minute rate was 65.02 rubles. (-49 Cents to the level of the previous close). The euro exchange rate amounted to 72.68 rubles. (-42 Kopeks) currency basket -. 68.465 rubles (-46 kopeks)

At the beginning of trading on Thursday, one of the transactions in the euro passed at the level of 72.35 rubles, it is at least a single European currency in 2016. . . Dollar, retreating for individual transactions below 65 rubles, updated at least from 18 May, that is, for the week

The dollar was at 87 cents below the current official exchange rate of the euro -. About 78 cents below the official rate.

The decline of the dollar and the euro due to the rise in world oil prices, experts say, “Interfax-CEA”. Prices of Brent crude for the first time since November, exceeded on Thursday during trading in Asia above $ 50 per barrel. July futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange to 10:00 Moscow rose almost one percent – to $ 50,1-50,2 per barrel. Oil has risen in comparison with the February lows for more than 80%.


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