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Why not let HBO spin-off of “Game of Thrones” about John Snow – BBC

The series HBO channel continues to attract the attention of fans of the world created by the writer George RR Martin in the saga “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Each series becomes the subject of a thorough discussion, and warning of possible spoilers – that is, information about new deaths seem to be the key characters and plot turns – does not seem to work anymore. But last weekend one of the most important news about the show was the possible spin-off of the main show, dedicated to one of the most popular heroes of “Game of Thrones” – Jon Snow, bastard Lord of Winterfell Eddard Stark. This was reported by several British media, citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation. According to them, the channel management is negotiating with the actor Keith Harrington about filming a separate series devoted to only his character, which will be released after the main show and where, perhaps, except Snow will be other characters “Game of Thrones»


However, almost immediately the existence of such arrangements, denied and representatives of HBO, and Harrington, and one of the creators of the series -. Dan Weiss

The channel simply reminded that any proposals on a possible continuation of the work with the world Martin should come from David Benioff and Weiss, but they just referred to the heavy workload.

«no, there is no talk about the new series is not conducted. We already have too big and demanding job, which does not allow to spray your thoughts and think about the spin-off, the theme parks or ballet on ice … But if anyone will have a good idea for a ballet on ice after the “Game of Thrones” let will let us know about it “- quoted Weiss edition of Entertainment Weekly

In any case, the idea of ​​the series is quite questionable

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In the books of Martin John Snow is one of those characters from the person whose story is in separate chapters, and compared his role in the plot may be, perhaps, only to the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister – people from acts one way or another depend on the fate of the Iron throne of Westeros, the ultimate goal of all the events of the fantasy saga. And the life of Snow.

At the forefront among other characters of the series, John Snow, was released at the end of the fifth series of the season, when he (still note the spoiler), already the Lord Commander of the Night Watch, was killed by his brothers in the Order . Disputes about Snow’s fate did not stop throughout the year, the show’s creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss, artist Keith Harrington this role and other actors refused any comment, and sometimes dare to outright deception in numerous interviews. In the end all was resolved more or less well for fans of the hero in the second series of the sixth season (spoiler!) It revived witch Melisandre, but Harrington had to apologize to the audience for their lies and do it very convincingly – as far as possible in this situation <. / p>

Interest in the series, this awkward situation is not abated

The more so that the audience was offered in the sixth season -. except revived Snow – more deaths , one of which – in the fifth episode – publication The Huffington Post called “very sad” since the days of the infamous “Red wedding”. Recall that in the so-called massacre of the ninth series of the third season of “Game of Thrones”, during which killed Rob Stark, Eddard heir, his mother and many other people. Of course, then it aroused interest only among those who have not read the book – the rest were aware of increased bloodthirstiness Martin

The writer last week explained utilitarian approach to the heroes of their own. the saga of the fact that “all men must die,” and if the author wants to be fair, it should be reflected on the main characters.

«you start to live forever just because you’re cute child, or best friend of the hero, or hero. Sometimes the hero dies, at least in my books “, – he said in an interview with Galaxy’s Edge, adding that kills not the – do the other characters of his books

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Of course, the intense discussion of recent changes in the numerical strength of the heroes of “Game of thrones” has a simpler explanation. The fact is that before the death of John Snow, many viewers were simply aware of what to expect from the series – in stock there were five volumes of the “Song of Ice and Fire”, which was a very detailed account, who, whom, when and sometimes even why . Readers of the book of the saga even looked at those who have not bothered to look into the thick volumes slightly down and loudly wondered response to the same “Red Wedding».

But the death of Snow became a watershed. The fact that Martin has not had time to release the sixth volume of the “Songs” to enter the new season as a going before, and all the audience the show were in the same position. Nobody knew survive Snow or not, and now no one knows which one of the characters “Game of Thrones” is destined to become the next victim.

Except, of course, of the Martin and the who makes the show.

The situation will recover slightly, when the sixth book will be published cycle (working title “The Winds of winter», The Winds of winter). However, the series probably will still surpass the literary source. The sixth season, which began a month ago, will end June 26 (probably with another furious cliffhanger); “Game of Thrones” has already renewed for seventh season and, obviously, will be continued for at least eight, which is already waiting in 2018. It is not known whether this time will be enough to Martin has added more and the last volume of the saga ( “The dream of Spring», A Dream of Spring), but what is to inspect the show viewers will be without him, that’s for sure.

What as for all sorts of spin-offs and sequels of the main series, the rumors about them, though there regularly, but as a rule, virtually from scratch. Of course, we can not exclude that the same bosses HBO carefully questioned Harrington about his plans for the future – in the end they (or rather David Benioff and Dan Weiss and George Martin) made him world-famous star, so that they have a right to expect some thanks . For example, in the form of participation in another channel show, the creators of which are the same as those who have suffered the “Song of ice and fire on the screen».


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