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Aivazovsky was the triumph of “Russian” auction in London – RIA Novosti

LONDON, June 9 -. RIA Novosti, Maria Tabak paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky became the top lots of two auction houses, Christie’s and MacDougall’s, and have been successfully sold at Sotheby’s in the framework of which ended on Wednesday of the week ” Russian “auction in London. Experts also state the growth of the market after a difficult period

Christie’s:. Triumph Aivazovsky

Canvas by Ivan Aivazovsky “Ottoman coffeehouse in the moonlight,” sold at Christie’s auction for 194.5 thousand pounds, two other works by this artist – “Shipwreck” and “at the citadel of Saladin type with the Nile” – went for 158.5 thousand and 110.5 thousand, respectively.

Estimate “Ottoman coffee houses in the moonlight” was 200-300 thousand pounds

Two sketches for the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” painted by Léon Bakst -. “Wolf” and “Prince Charmant at the court” – left for 92.5 thousand and 37.5 thousand, respectively.

much higher than the initial estimate of two lots. Work by Konstantin Somov “Landscape with a Rainbow” went for 84.1 thousand pounds Estimé 15-25 thousand pounds. Offer to cover trades directory watercolor by Alexander Benois, “Versailles. The King walked in any weather” sold for 140.5 thousand pounds, which is more than ten times the estimate.

The total revenue of the “Russian” Christie’s auction amounted to almost 4 5 million pounds, with a hammer took 74% of the lots. According to the auction house, sales increased by 9% compared to last season.

“We are very pleased with the result of our Bid, which confirmed the stability of Russian art market. In that . times the great names in Russian art of the demand, such as Ivan Aivazovsky, remains unchanged high quality work continue to attract collectors from around the world, demonstrating the active war rates in the hall and on the phone, “- commented on the results of trading director of the international Department of Russian art Christie’s Alexey Tizengauzen

Sotheby’s:. Shishkin and also Aivazovsky

“Russian” auction Sotheby’s auction house brought nearly 5.2 million pounds

Top-lot auction as. expected, was the picture of Ivan Shishkin’s “On the edge of a pine forest,” which at one time would be purchased from the artist by Emperor Nicholas II. The canvas went under the hammer for almost 1.4 million pounds, twice the estimated value amounts to 500-700 thousand.

The king wanted to buy it for his personal collection, but was refused. Only after that, much to the joy of Shishkin, it was able to buy a nephew Nikolai Shishkin Stakheev. Subsequently Stakheev managed to take a picture abroad. Then the work was in the collection of the Belgian artist Charles Defreyna, whose descendants and put it on sale.

Painting of famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani “Roe at the creek” was sold for 629,000 pounds at Estima 150-200 thousand pounds.

“Ivan Susanin” by Konstantin Makovsky sold for 413,000 pounds. This picture closes the top three trading leaders

“evening glow” Aivazovsky sold for 185 thousand pounds, his “View of the Caucasus with Mount Kazbek in the distance.” – Over 197 000

MacDougall’s. : and again Aivazovsky

The painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Rescued”, as expected, was the top lot of the auction MacDougall’s auction house, which specializes in Russian art, all bids have brought more than 3.3 million pounds, according to RIA Novosti founder and CEO auction house William McDougall.

“Rescued” is sold for 499 thousand pounds Estimé at 450-600 thousand. This work is devoted to one of the favorite themes of the artist – the rescue of the shipwreck

The image was built by the Romans of the Syrian city of Palmyra (the ruins of which have been partially destroyed this year by militants banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic State”) brush Alexander Yakovlev. – another important item of trade – went under the hammer for 461.8 thousand pounds sterling at an estimated cost of 110-150 thousand

“Yakovlev had heard about the historical monuments of Palmyra, still being. student at the Imperial Academy of Arts, but when he saw it firsthand, it shocked the “endless rows of columns, discontinuous arches or destruction of the Temple”, as later wrote the artist “, -. McDougall told

The third place on the proceeds price was. picture by Yuri Pimenov 1972 “wardrobe Bolshoi Theatre”, estimated at 130-180 thousand pounds. The work that McDougall considers the most important lot in the section of the postwar Soviet art, sold for 273.9 thousand pounds.

Among the top lots of the auction were also the works of Victor Popkov and Sergei Vinogradov.

“. in the trading floor reigned recovery, some work is several times higher than their estimeyty After a difficult period was a feeling that the market is reviving We are very pleased with the results of the sale of paintings by Aivazovsky and Yakovlev, and the continuing growth of the market of Soviet art.” – McDougall said <. / p>

Bonhams: main lots are sold

The least successful “Russian” bids were at the auction house Bonhams.

Portrait of a girl brush Konstantin Makovsky, sold for 35 thousand pounds, was the top lot, but the main and most expensive lots of the auction house failed to sell.

“Moscow Kremlin” Nikolai Gritsenko sold 18, 7 thousand pounds as a tapestry with a picture Vyacheslav Schwartz. Over 17,500 with a hammer left a silver ladle early 20th century Moscow master Yegor Cheryatova.

“Live painting Dante and Virgil” by Mikhail Vrubel, estimated at 200-300 thousand pounds, “Still life with fish and flowers “Mikhail Larionov failed to sell on Wednesday with an estimate of 80-100 thousand pounds sterling, and the only known self-portrait sculpture of Yuri Annenkov with an estimate of 50-70 thousand pounds.


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