Friday, June 17, 2016

Art-Labyrinth, dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery, opened in Moscow Lavrushinsky Lane – TASS

MOSCOW, June 17. / TASS /. an open-air exhibition, which includes more than 3 thousand exhibits -. Over 2 thousand historical images and 1 thousand of the original texts -.. opened in Moscow Lavrushinsky Lane in honor of the 160th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery. Exposure earned during the festival “Our product,” said the organizing committee of the festival.

“The exhibition is framed in the form of art of the maze, so visit turns into a real adventure. This unusual format makes the exhibition even more interesting for children and teens instead monotonous guided tours they can do with their parents plenty stray on “corridors of history”, – told in the organizing committee of the exhibition in Lavrushinsky Lane became the focal point of the festival “Our product is” now serving

“Home.. part art labyrinth dedicated to Pavel Tretyakov, the history of the formation of a great collection of Russian art, as well as the history of artists and their masterpieces, now kept at the State Tretyakov gallery. In addition, since Lavrushinsky Lane is located in the heart of Zamoskvorechye, and each area of ​​the festival traditionally reflects the historical topography of the city – the main exhibition complemented the stories of famous residents of Zamoskvorechye. For example, visitors learn in one house lived Leo Tolstoy, where he loved to walk Pushkin and why Ostrovsky called “Columbus Zamoskvorechye”, – said the curator of the exhibition, the historical consultant of the festival “Our product” Anna Esparza

The third part of the exhibition. It tells about the most ancient crafts and trades in our country as well – about fairy tales and epics as one of the first stages of the formation of Russian literature. Other festival site dedicated to the fine arts, is on Bolotnaya Square and is called the “World of Art” – in memory of the association celebrated artists, theatrical figures of the last decade of the XIX century. It presents the work of contemporary artists and craftsmen who combined tradition and current trends of art of postmodernism.

The festival “Our product is” held in the capital from 9 to 19 June in the framework of a series of events “Moscow Seasons”. At 33 floors of the city residents and tourists can buy the best products of farmers and craftsmen from around the country. In addition to time-tested brands such as Yelets lace, Orenburg downy shawls, Tula gingerbread and Vologda butter, waiting for visitors and other products that are renowned for the Russian regions on the right.


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