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At the Vakhtangov Theatre stage for the 25th time awarded the prize “Crystal Turandot” – TV channel Culture

28.06.2016 | 15:05

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 In the 25 th time he called its winners “Crystal Turandot” – the first independent creative award of the new Russia. The award ceremony took place on the long tradition in the Vakhtangov Theatre. The first prize, named after the capricious princess from a fairy tale by Carlo Gozzi, was awarded the role of Turandot singer Yulia Borisova. The ritual of presenting theater awards can be compared with this tale – here present and masks, and puzzles, and always a happy ending

 Always game always intrigue – Who the evening will choose their favorite capricious and windy princess? Until the last second is not known even to the nominees. “Crystal Turandot” – her way of actress Ekaterina Guseva – the very embodiment of theatricality. The ceremony – the prime minister, which is given only once, but everyone – it is a declaration of love to the scene

 The entire hall as a theatrical stage – the ceremony specially assigned to 9 pm to guests managed to win back their performances. Foyer shines from the stars – a quarter of a century has gained recognition award all the theatrical world

 “I think it is a good idea, it creates a joyful mood, it is well organized, she says good people of our theater,” – says the artistic director of the theater “Lenk”, People’s Artist of the USSR Mark Zakharov

 “She picked range of people who opt in the theater season, the best thing is, it has a special, his view of what is happening, I think, look very interesting”, – said General Director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin

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 The anniversary ceremony – in the home of Princess Turandot. In this scene nearly a century ago, first came heroes Carlo Gozzi – staging became a testament Vakhtangov Theater and legend. Prince Calaf, nearly 60 years ago, played and Basil Lanoviy. So many years, he is faithful native theater. Prize for the most honorable nomination “For selfless service, honor and dignity” takes with a military bearing.

 “Probably – the heaviest award,” admits the actor. Of course, he meant not only the weight of the crystal figurines. “I am happy that for almost 60 years working in the theater, and never tried by Yevgeny Vakhtangov not retreat. Neither in the theater or in the movies, “- he said People’s Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanoviy

 For perfect organization of theatrical process marked by Marc Varshaver – 40 years is the managing director of the theater “Lenk”. Vakhtangov Theatre – two more figurines, “Best Actress” – Eugene Kregzhde, Katherine in “The Storm” Ostrovsky. “Best Actor” – People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Simonov, for his role in the eponymous play Minetti-revelation elderly litsedeya

 “Vakhtangov Theatre is now in such a flight and do not give up the slack. And it will keep for a long time, this mission “, – he said the People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Simonov

 Award for Best Director – Evgeny Pisarev, the play “The House that Swift Built” in the Theater named after Pushkin. And one victor – Moscow Theatre for Young People – performance “Bald Cupid” has received a statuette for best scenography and became the best of the season. The performance on the whole premium described as follows: “It was a heartfelt talk man to man.” And he goes on.

 See the XXV ceremony of awarding the winners of the First theatrical award “Crystal Turandot” in the ether of our television July 10, at 18:30 .

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