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“Bald Amour” won “Crystal Turandot” in season 25 – TASS

MOSCOW, June 28th. / Corr. TASS Olga Svistunova /. Performance “Bald Cupid” staged by chief director of the Moscow Theatre of Young Spectator Henrietta Janowska recognized as the best performance of the Moscow theater season 2015-2016, for which he was awarded the first Russian theater award “Crystal Turandot”. The award ceremony, which has become an anniversary, 25 in a row, was held on Monday at the Moscow Academic Theatre. Vakhtangov.

According to the rules of the award, its nominees in advance not announced at the ceremony once awarded to the winners, which always lends intrigue.

Beginning of the ceremony with the awards already known winners, award-winning in the most honorary nominations. Their names are announced in advance. “For selfless service to the theater, honor and dignity” prize was awarded to the oldest actor Vakhtangov Theatre, People’s Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanoviy. Hall stood to applaud the award, which is already 60 years old is in the theater Vakhtangov.

“I am happy that this award I get in my own home. I am happy that together with Yulia Borisova for 20 years, we played” Princess Turandot “which gave its name to this wonderful award,” – admitted Lanovoi

“Crystal Turandot” in the honorable nomination “For the long-standing service to the theater, the impeccable organization of the theatrical process” presented to the Director of the Moscow theater “Lenkom”, honored Art Worker. RF Mark Varshaver.

Then, immediately went to the awarding of the laureates in the major categories. Best actress was named Artist of the Vakhtangov Theater Yevgeny Kregzhde – for the role of Katherine in “The Storm” Ostrovsky. Staging this play at the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre realized the young director Ulanbek Bayaliev

“I am honored to receive the first prize in his life, I promised to be brief and not cry,” -. He said Kregzhde taking “Crystal Turandot” .

The title of best actor also assigned Vakhtangov, People’s artist of Russia Vladimir Simonov – for his role Minetti in the eponymous play by Thomas Bernhard, staged at the New stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre artistic director Vakhtangov Rimas Tuminas

Lavra best director “Crystal Turandot” gave Evgeny Pisarev. He received the award for staging the play “The House that Swift Built” in the Theater. Pushkin.

The best stage design work “Crystal Turandot” Sergei Barkhin counted scenery for the play “Bald Cupid” at the Moscow Youth Theatre. And the show, staged the play by Eugene Popov director Henrietta Janowska, was recognized as the best in the 2015-2016 theater season, for which he was awarded the crystal figurines, depicting a fairy-tale princess Chinese.

“Crystal Turandot” was established in 1991 year. This is the first independent creative award of the new Russia, which has exactly a quarter century, is awarded on the basis of the Moscow theater season most distinguished masters of the metropolitan scene. The permanent inspirer and organizer of the award for all these years is a producer, director and philanthropist Boris Belenky.

The list of laureates to date tens. In it appear Oleg Efremov, Yuri Lyubimov, Pyotr Fomenko, Oleg Tabakov, Mark Zakharov, Rimas Tuminas, Inna Churikova, Yevgeny Mironov, Chulpan Khamatova, Konstantin Raikin, Vladimir Etush and other actors, directors and artists. All listed simply impossible

However, the mention of the first, or rather, the first possessor “Crystal Turandot” is necessary because it has become a People’s Artist of the USSR Yulia Borisova -. Inimitable performer of the role of Turandot on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater

The information sponsor “Crystal Turandot” speaks Russian agency Tass.


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