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Basil Lanoviy got what he deserved – News

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On stage Vakhtangov Theatre was held XXV anniversary ceremony of awarding the winners of the theatrical award “Crystal Turandot”. The prize for the most honorable nomination – “For long and valiant service to the theater” – was People’s Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanoviy

Twenty-five years of the award in the role of Princess Turandot visited different actress.. This year, the honor of becoming the mistress fell to Ekaterina Guseva. On stage she came in an elegant dress from Vyacheslav Zaitsev, a permanent designer of the ceremony.

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in Vasily Bochkarev coat from the same designer was not only the master of ceremonies but matchmaker

-. and what, 25 years old, it would be time already and groom our princess to find, “- he suggested the hall

The grooms were labeled the most worthy. and prominent. The first candidate was the one who played twenty years Prince Calaf at the Theater Vakhtangov and his Turandot was People’s Artist of the USSR Yulia Borisova

-. He – a passion which the faithful, after 60 years of faithful to his theater, – intrigued Bochkarev

-. Vasily Lanoviy! – Read out the name of the “groom” the founder Boris Belenky Award

-. I’m not 60 years serving in the Vakhtangov Theatre, and 59 and a half – corrected “matchmaker” Lanovoi

. – Weight, kg of fifteen, and this award and can not be easy – admitted Vasyl, weighed in the hands of the prize. – I am happy that this has happened in my home theater, so it was a lot of friends. My whole life was influenced by Yevgeny Vakhtangov. He brought great actors, called enough names Astangov, Mansurov, Borisova, Ulyanov, Gritsenko, Carpenters, Yakovlev.

During the long-standing service to the theater, “Crystal Turandot” was handed to the Director of Lenkom theater Mark Varshaver. As the director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin, winner betrayed not only the theater but also its artistic director Mark Zakharov.

Next, the indefatigable matchmaker suggested that the princess choose a “superintendent-director.”

– After he masterfully builds a house – painted the merits of the candidate Bochkarev. – The Pushkin Theater staged “The House that Swift Built»

The audience immediately understood that the name of the winner -. Evgeny Pisarev. The chief director of the Theater named Pushknia got a crystal statuette from the hands of Mark Zakharov.

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– This director has paid my debt to my friend, like-minded playwright Grigory Gorin, who wanted to “House” was on the scene – said the head of the Lenkom . – I put it in the cinema (Zakharov took the same film – “Izvestia), and did not think that this debt will be paid. But the director appeared – bold, young, inspirational, which made glad to admire and wonder at its ingenuity

«The best actor” became the representative of the Vakhtangov Theater, Vladimir Simonov, noted for his role in the play “Minetti.”. “The best art director” – Sergey Barkhin, for work in the Youth Theatre on the play “Bald Amur”. “Best actress” named Eugene Kregzhde (Katherine in “The Storm” Vakhtangov Theatre). “The best performance” – the aforementioned “Bald Amour” directed by Henrietta Janowska

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– Piece 26-year-old playwright Eugene Popov Krasnoyarsk was written 40 years lain in the table – Yanovska reminded about the difficult fate of the works, which nakonets then paid tribute to.

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The anniversary ceremony ended banquet viewers in the lobby, promising each Durga sure to meet in a year.


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