Monday, June 13, 2016

Died actor Alexei Dayneko –

Actor, singer and TV presenter Alex Dayneko died on Monday, June 13, at the age of 46. This was reported by the wife of the actor Elena Logatskaya on his page in Facebook

«The cause of death is specified, it happened today at 00:30″ -. Woman clarified in an interview with Tass. No other details she said.

1 June Dayneko on Facebook wrote that he broke his leg.

Alex Dayneko born June 5, 1970. In 1993, he graduated from GITIS, worked in the Russian Army Theatre (TSATRA). In addition, Dayneko led televised “Planet of communication».

On account of the actor about 30 roles, mostly, he starred in the TV series, including “Dossier detective Dubrovsky”, “What did the dead”, “lawyer” “Balzac age, or All men Are Bast …”, “Love and other nonsense”, “Truckers 3. Ten years later”, “second killer”, “Karpov”, “Lavrov method 2″, “cop-in-law 5″ .

in 2006, he tried his hand as a director and producer, removing the painting “Smiling eternity of the universe»



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