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Dragons, erotic and blood! The most famous episodes of “Game of Thrones” – Arguments and Facts

Fantasy saga “Game of Thrones” has officially become the highest rating show in the history of cable television channel HBO. The series, based on the books of George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”, regularly beats his own and others telerekordy. The sixth season was no exception: in the previous series was shown a large-scale battle, and on Monday the audience waiting for the longest episode in the history of the saga (69 minutes instead of the usual 55)

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In anticipation of the final recalls the most-series “Game of thrones»


The biggest series

season 6, Episode 9 – “Battle bastards»

Over a thousand actors, stuntmen and actors crew, twenty-five days, and seventy horses and one hundred and sixty tons of gravel – all this took the creators of the series to film a bloody battle between the troops of John Snow and Ramsay Bolton.

on the side Bolton twice as many people who, unlike the army Snow, have excellent ammunition. It seems that bastard Eddard Stark has no chance of winning, and again waiting for a stupid death, but the former Watcher time comes to help Petyr Baelish and army Lords Valley of Arryn (surprisingly not only for the true king of the North, but also for all fans of the series) .

«Battle bastards” deservedly became the best episode of the series: on the IMDB, the largest website of the film, she received the highest rating, and Time magazine called her “the most spectacular and epic»

The most expensive lot.

season 2, episode 9 – “Blackwater»

The cost of one series “Game of thrones” on average is about $ 6 million and is the cost of the episode “Battle of bastards” is not known (. fans appreciate its shooting in the US $ 10 million), the leader in this category production budget “Blackwater”, which cost the creators of $ 8 million. The costly episode was shown one of the largest battles of the war of five kings. Enormous budget was due to the fact that the shooting was attended by over 250 actors involved expensive ship and used a variety of modern special effects. But, much to the chagrin of fans, due to the limitations of the budget and timing, battle, compared to Martin books still had substantially reduced.

most viewed series

season 6, episode 1 – “Red Woman»

According to HBO data, each episode of the current season of “Game of thrones” 18.4 million people watching on average

The most. viewing the history telesagi became the first series of the sixth season: on the day of its premiere watched 10.7 million people. She is also a leader in the pirate downloads from torrent trackers. April 24 just 12 hours after a series of premiere downloaded more than 200 million users – even the creators were forced to write an open letter providers to punish offenders

In contrast, the fifth season finale collected with screens 10.3 million viewers. and pilot series “Game of thrones” in 2011 looked at only 2.2 million

The most scandalous series

season 5, Episode 6 -. “recalcitrant, inflexible, unbroken »

Many media had almost decided to boycott the” Game of thrones “after the controversial” Black wedding scene, “in which the Sansa Stark have been abused by his new wife Ramsay Bolton.

from coverage of events in Västerås refused feminist portal The Mary Sue, who accused the show unjustified excessive violence. “The scene in no way helped to develop a character and nothing is brought down in history”, – he wrote the chief editor Jill Pantotstsi site. With online edition of Forbes agreed to colleagues, and Vanity Fair, who stressed the apparent discrepancy with the literary original.

In response, George Martin wrote in his “Twitter” that he considers valid differences of the television version of the book. He was supported by who plays Sansa: it turns out, the young Sophie Turner scene even like

The most predictable series

Season 6, Episode 2 – “Home»

Fans of the series could not accept the fact that in the final of the fifth season of one of the protagonists of the series, John Snow, was stabbed to death by his colleagues on the Night Watch, and rightly hoped for his resurrection. Honest, brave and charming bastard family Starkov much loved television viewers, and producers just could not afford to lose a cult hero. Despite all the assurances of the crew and the words of Keith Harrington that he was tired of the role of the Snow, the priestess Melisandre in the second series of the sixth season, to the delight of all the fans put on the universal favorite feet using black magic.

The most brutal series

season 3, episode 9 – “The rains in Kastamere»

«Game of thrones” – the show is not for the faint of heart. After the release of the series “The rains in Kastamere” Internet is full reaction of the audience, the scene shocked the so-called “Red Wedding”. In this episode, there was a large-scale massacres organized by Walder Frey as Robb Stark revenge for the fact that he did not keep his promise to marry his daughter. The carnage ended with the death of several key characters, including Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn.

Even George Martin himself recognizes that this scene is the heaviest of all that he had ever had to write. To make naturalistic he used real events from the history of Scotland: “Black Dinner” and “Massacre of Glencoe.” During the “Black Dinner” King of Scotland was at war with the clan of the Black Douglas, opposing his dynasty, but offered the enemy to make peace. Graf came to the king’s castle in Edinburgh, where a sumptuous feast was arranged for him. When the action came to an end, the servants brought covered with a cloth and put the dish in front of a guest: a black cloth was the head of the bull – a symbol of death. Douglas was captured and killed in the courtyard.

«Massacre of Glencoe” was another inspiration for “Red Wedding” scene. According to historical evidence, the Clan Donald provided accommodation clan Campbell, observing all the laws of hospitality, but with the dawn of the owners cut all guests

The most beautiful series

Season 5, Episode 9. – “Dance of the dragons»

The most spectacular series of many fans of the series called “Dance of the dragon”, which Daenerys flies on matured winged predator Drogon, and supporters and opponents of the Mother of dragons with delight and horror look after her . The spectacle is really fascinating: in a scene involving over 500 extras, a dragon spewing flames, and she calmly Khalis saddles dangerous predator – all this cost the creators of the series in a large amount, but the HBO channel did not spare extra funds to the shooting scene. “If we can not do this efficiently, we do not do it at all” – has repeatedly stressed its serious approach to the special effects producers ‘Game of Thrones’ David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss

The most outspoken Series

season 3, Episode 8 – “Younger children»

TV series creators have long understood – the more the series of erotica, the stronger they hold in their hands the audience’s attention. Rite stands out among the abundance of sex scenes, committed by Melisandre using Dzhendri, bastard of King Robert Baratheon. By analogy with the controversial erotic novel by EL James, with the elements of BDSM fans of the series, even jokingly nicknamed him “50 shades of red»

The hottest scene is also opposed to the literary original:. In the book for magical ritual Melisandre blood of a bastard was used, Edric Storm, the show also images of Edric and Dzhendri were merged into one character

the most unexpected series

season 4, Episode 8 -. ” Mountain and Snake »

The first prize in this category has taken a series called” The Mountain and the Serpent “: duel Prince Oberina Martel and Ser Gregory Kligana keeps in suspense until the last seconds. However, when the outcome of the battle, it would seem obvious, George Martin surprised readers and viewers unexpectedly brutal scene in which their bare hands the dying mountain squeezes his eyes and split the skull of the enemy.

For the preparation of the well-known episode of the actor playing the Red Snake Pedro Pascal had to take more intensive training in the martial arts of Wushu, learn more than sixty movements and learn to deftly handle a spear. Actor performed the task perfectly.


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