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In the center of Blagoveshchensk installed a sign with gratitude Stalin – RIA Novosti


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Blagoveshchensk, June 22 -. RIA Novosti, Yelena Tymoshenko a memorial tablet with text thanks from Joseph Stalin, the workers of Blagoveshchensk for the collection of money for the front during World war II returned to the building in the center of the Amur region capital

board with the text telegram of thanks was dismantled more than half a century ago. In May 2016, to re-establish it asked the governor of the Amur region pensioner Vladimir Fedchenko, whose father was killed at Stalingrad, October 19, 1942 and is buried at Mamayev Kurgan, and the mother gave all his savings in the Defense Fund.

“When the war started I was six years old. I remember that day, I ran home, his mother stood at the reproducer. We listened to the message, but did not know that my father was eight o’clock fought with the Germans. We are the children who have lost fathers, resorted always here and looked at the board then was not yet in Blagoveshchensk Victory Square, and here it is the board and was a holy place for us and I wanted it to board returned to his seat and stood, how much the building will stand, “-.. he told the pensioner at the ceremony opening.

A telegram from the Chairman of the State defense Committee, Joseph Stalin came to Blagoveshchensk April 12, 1943. “The working people of the city of Blagoveshchensk on the Amur, who collected 5,956,000 rubles for the construction of airplanes and tanks, my fraternal greetings and gratitude to the Red Army”, – stated in it. The text of the telegram was to perpetuate decided.

“The text has been cast in metal, presumably it did in the farm” Red caster “and placed on the main facade of the Executive Committee, which was on the main street of Lenin. After Stalin’s death, the board was dismantled, and in December 1953 she was admitted to the storage in the Amur regional Museum “-. he told reporters at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of culture and Archives of the Amur region Vitaly Rebizant

According to the regional History museum amurchane during the Great Patriotic war, actively helped the front, all the years of war have brought the workers to the defense fund of more than 150 million rubles were collected and sent to the front 240 thousand warm clothes, presents more than 200 cars. The money collected by the working area, were built aviaekskadrilya “Amur farmer” bombers link “Amur Komsomolets”, a column of tanks and military ship.

“thanks of telegrams from Stalin to Blagoveshchensk came somewhat after here is this, that cast in metal, there was one, for the collection of 30 million “, – said Rebizant

On the facade of the building installed a metal copy, cast during the war plaque remains in the museum

The new board.. He made the sculptor Paul from Blagoveshchensk Nikitkina, cast “telegram” in the Annunciation repair and mechanical plant, 120 thousand rubles allocated for the manufacture of extra-budgetary funds for the conservation Centre for historical and cultural heritage of the Amur region. According Rebizanta during installation copies found on the facade of an old mounting plates, boards coincided size. The building where the attached plate, Lenin Street, 161, after the Executive Committee was the central deli, and now has shops and cafes.


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