Saturday, June 11, 2016

In Moscow, opened the exhibition “Space: the birth of a new era” – Foundation “Russian world”

Photos: granted by the British science Museum  in Moscow starts” space “exhibition, previously shown to triumph in the British capital, reports TASS. Exposition on VDNH was inaugurated with the participation of Vice-premier Olga Golodets, head of the Russian Ministry of Culture Vladimir Medina and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

In the pavilion № 1 “Central” Exhibition of Economic Achievements Exhibition “Space: the birth of a new era” is presented in the amended form. According to the deputy director of the Museum of Natalia Sergius, team organizers had to work hard again to “raise this unique exhibition.” Only recently, it was demonstrated in London. But as a result of exposure was able to successfully adapt ‘to a completely different space and a different audience. ”

Among the exhibits included the first suits of astronauts and landers, including the ship “Vostok-6″ the world’s first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Also, there are presented landers and tissue-equivalent phantom dummy that London was chosen for the latter, closing the exhibition hall. On the wall of the hall, where it was created by a special “space” light, it was inscribed the famous quote of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, “Earth – the cradle of humanity, but you can not stay in the cradle forever.”

Director of the London Science Museum Ian Blatchford explained how exposure has been met in the British capital. He noted that it was sold 137,000 tickets, but the exhibition were able to see all the people, because it attended a variety of representative delegations. In addition, the unique items reviewed and many members of the British government. The press also, Blatchford noted a record number of reports appeared on this show, with her talked about how scientific publications, as well as those who are devoted to art.

You can visit the exhibition until 10 January 2017.


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