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In rolling out the cartoon “Finding Dory” – BBC

A cartoon about a lost Nemo, little fish-clown, Pixar’s studio released back in 2003. Then the plot of a father searching for his missing son, and in his quest came to Australia, but would not cope with the task without the funny blue fish named Dory, who always forget about everything, but acted with admirable ingenuity.

After 13 years, Pixar released in theaters sequel beloved viewers of the cartoon, which this time is dedicated to finding the very fish Dory.

Director Andrew Stanton, who directed “Finding Nemo “and” The Valley “and wrote” monsters, Inc. “and all the” Toy story “, by the time the first part of the cartoon exit worked on it for four years now and absolutely did not want to do a sequel of this story. However, years later, once again reviewing “Finding Nemo,” Andrew realized that seriously worried about the fate of Dori – what is its history and what might happen to her? As a result of three years work huge team of animators -. And there was a sequel, no way inferior to the previous section

A year after the events that occurred in the first cartoon, Dori lives quietly with Nemo and Marlin, until suddenly begins to remember fragments of his past. What she hears the voice of the parents, he sees how they are learning with her song, even remembers their names. Dory realizes that managed to forget his family and probably lost due to problems with short-term memory. She rushes to find relatives who give birth to her at the California Institute of marine life, filled with completely unique characters

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Here you can find whale shark fate with poor eyesight, crazy bird Becky Bailey beluga with psychological problems with echolocation, two funny sea lions and a kind friend and probably the most important discovery of this cartoon – octopus Hank who categorically refuses to go into the ocean and dreams of life in the aquarium.

in short, Dori is in a place where everyone has some deviation, and becomes a kind of conductor all these subordinate their fears prisoners, in principle, , comfortable marine life of the Institute. For Dori beluga Bailey, for example, won the fear and remembers how the echolocation and shark Fate suddenly finds out that in the ocean there are no walls, and is selected from his imprisonment.

Dori ability to forget everything in the world, at first seeming curse turns almost in vain destiny:

because probably it iz-za this lack of opportunities and at the same time do not remember any of their successes or their errors it is always so happy and confident. His inexhaustible optimism Dori touches even the heart of melancholy octopus Hank, snapper, who originally pursued only their own benefit

At the same time, despite the fact that the main reasons for “Nemo” and “Dori” overlap:. In the first part of the father sought child, in the second – the child is looking for the parents, the main message is still in Pixar unbanal here. Authors speak for half an hour and importance of friendship, and family values, but

most important remains farewell, which give parents a child Dori: “if you do not know where to go, just go with »

I do not remember any of these words, nor his parents, Dory manages a lifetime to follow their valuable advice and just go -. not clinging to the past, remembering the mistakes and do not hesitate about all too long, he loves to do Marlin. Perhaps the question “What would Dori?”, Which is the entire movie set himself Nemo and his father, it would be nice to ask yourself every adult. The child understands this and so.


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