Monday, June 6, 2016

Kazakh authorities have established the identity of all participants in the attacks in Aktobe – RBC

police officers in Kazakhstan, 2011

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five extremists, said the Interior Ministry were killed in the night of Monday in the Kazakh city of Aktobe. The day before authorities announced the elimination of four. Personality all members of armed attacks mounted, say the Ministry of Internal Affairs

During the operation on Monday night, June 6 killed five other alleged members of a series of armed attacks in Aktobe, according to “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” referring to the representative Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. Total for June 5-6, according to the Interior Ministry, were killed nine attackers, killing six soldiers and civilians, at least another 11 people were injured.

«During the night operational search activities at detention and resisting the police five criminals were liquidated and two arrested “, – quotes the edition of the Ministry of Interior representative Almas Sadubaeva. According to him, seized most of the weapons on the eve of the kidnapped.

«Personality of the criminals involved in the commission of robberies, installed. Measures are taken to track down and arrest them. The entire personnel of the country’s law-enforcement bodies is translated into a stronger version of service “, – concluded the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Now in Aktobe declared a red level terrorist threat.. As reported from the correspondent of “Interfax”, residents are asked not to leave their homes unnecessarily. This recommendation came in the form of scrolling text on local television channels. About the antiterrorist operation to notify residents via SMS messages.

According to the correspondent of “Interfax”, cellular communications Aktobe works intermittently, the Internet is not available. He also reported that the city was flying the helicopter.

Video: RBC

According to the Interior Ministry, the events in Aktobe started the day before, on June 5, when a group of religious extremists attacked weapon shop “Pallada” to obtain weapons. The seller had time to press the alarm call, but the criminals have caused him a lot of stab wounds from which he died on the spot. On the call came two employees of a private security company “Zhedel Kuzet», one of whom was killed by criminals, the other – wounded. Then came the police outfit, which criminals have rendered armed resistance. “During the exchange of fire, three police officers were shot and wounded, and the criminals were able to capture a patrol car” – he said Sadubaev

Police believe the attackers stole from the store 17 firearms, three and rifled. 14 smooth-bore hunting rifles, three gas pistols, bullets and knives. This is not the final data, the store inventory is carried out, the number of stolen weapons and ammunition specified. “After the attack on the shop” Pallada “armed criminals were divided into two groups. One group of criminals in the amount of six people on a stolen patrol car attacked another weapon shop “Panther”, which was stabbed by two visitors, one of whom was killed, the second – wounded. During the shooting, three criminals were eliminated, one wounded and arrested two criminals managed to escape. They were later found outside the city and eliminated “, – said the representative of Ministry of Internal Affairs

The second group of attackers seized a bus with passengers they dropped off people and rammed by a trapped bus gates of the military unit 6655 the National Guard under.. Having penetrated into the territory of the attackers exchanged fire with the military staged a dress, and the police arrived. “Faced with the resistance, one group of criminals has been blocked, and the other was forced to flee, leaving part of the territory”, – the Ministry of Internal Affairs

On the eve of the government reported killed four alleged members of an attack on Aktobe.. Thus, the number of “extremists” death toll rose to nine.


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