Friday, June 17, 2016

Medina protested “cosmopolitan” persons in the Russian cartoons – RBC

In modern Russian cartoons nothing “Russian”, except that they are made in Russia. This was stated by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, “Interfax».

«If these sound cartoons in English, they will not differ from the Chinese studio production. Even the faces of the children there is Asian, cosmopolitan “- said Medina at the panel discussion at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)

The Minister expressed concern that in modern Russian cartoon” nothing but the «Made in Russia». , Russian no. ” Medina said that such a phenomenon can be normal and correct, but for the ministry “is strange».

According to Medina, representatives of industry of animated films should be guided both children and adults to create market movies. He also urged to take into account the specifics of the cartoons audience.

Medina also stated its readiness to support the Ministry of animation projects, but only on condition that it will be really Russian cartoons. “Do not forget that we are the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. And if you have movies Dzhonchikov, donuts and girls, Mary, you’ll be standing at the end of the queue, “- said the Minister

December 10, 2014 Medina said he did not see any sense in the financing of domestic films that offend. the current government. “It’s about who is shooting a film on the principle of” Raska-govnyashka “. What for? Some national masochism “, – said the Minister

December 15 Medina apologized for the use of the expression” Raska-govnyashka “, but did not renounce his words.. According to him, he quoted “well-known Internet bloggers».

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