Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault became parents again – – online for women

On the night of June 8 Natalia Vodianova shared with followers in Instagram happy news: She became a mother for the fifth time! Adding to the family 34-year-old supermodel and her common law husband, 39-year-old billionaire Antoine Arnault, happened on the first weekend of the summer, but talk about this star decided just now.

June 4 family of Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault was the per person more: at the star couple had a second child overall. Son in law spouses is already there, and the fans were hoping that this time the top model will give birth to a girl, but was born another boy. A few days after the momentous events of many children mother wrote in her blog post, in which described how feels, and called the baby’s name.

“Early Saturday morning in our family was on one man more. Daisy at home and knows the world, surrounded by sisters and brothers. Antoine proud I – tired but happy and waiting for the summer hoping to get some rest. Thank you my dear for your messages and support (the author’s spelling and punctuation preserved – approx », – He wrote in his blog beauty.

His post star accompanied the first pictures of the newborn son. The picture shows a tiny leg of a boy lying in a hospital ward in the hands of mother

followers are sincerely happy for Natalia and Antoine, began to congratulate a couple and wish you good health little Roman


Recall that Vodianova and Arno grows 2-year-old son Maxim. Also the founder of the charity fund “Naked Heart” has three children from his first marriage -. 14-year-old Lucas, a 10-year-old Neva and 8-year-old Victor joins congratulations! Let the boy grows cheerful, clever and active.


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