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Oleg Karavaichuk – St. Petersburg Gogol’s ghost profile – Proceedings

Photo: TASS / Yuri Belinsky

In St. Petersburg, at the eighty-ninth year, having lived a long, full life of music, I left Oleg Karavaichuk. Man myth, the man-reclusive, crazy city, the last genius.

Karavaichuk was born in 1927 in Kiev, but most of his life in the city on the Neva. In the words of the poet Alexander Kabanov it:

… set sail to St. Petersburg, where to stay decided
witch, an old lady in a beret
he took off takes, he stitched pillowcase,
put it on the head of the planet.

High, wrinkled, dry , beret, wearing a sweater and galoshes, rain or shine, he was the embodiment of music.

In Karavaichuk was an amazing gift – all what he touched turned into harmony.

He collapsed at the piano, at random, at random, hitting the keys with their skinny little arms, as if mocking the listener. But what is surprising – every time his fingers carved from music instrument.

He played lying down, playing with a pillowcase on his head, played the deranged piano Nicholas II in the Hermitage (Karavaichuk was the only musician who made it possible to play on the instrument) – and every time miracle happened.

Why is it, he himself could not explain.

– I bring a hand rough, but whit some, electric and incomprehensible hand freed from rudeness, and all turns out – Karavaichuk explained.

This “miraculous hand” freed from rudeness and listeners, helping as Kabanov said, “see the uselessness of things.”

He did not sit in the offices, writing notes. It’s hard to be called a composer or performer. He did not compose, and came and laid out in each of the new shares. His work was not kompozitorostvom, not improvisation and musical actionism and the closest was akin to what the artist Marina Abramovic.

However, as the poet Marina Kudimov his actionism phenomenon was not comparable in scale with actionism contemporary Russian artists.

– High clowning Karavaichuk – to the point of foolishness – not annoying, because it was organic. He chudil and if not for this fined money and szhivaetsya with light. Compared with its countless antics prikolachivanie testicle, nothing is no longer provided, except masochism, pathetic, really – says Kudimov

Karavaichuk was a student of Richter and Shostakovich.. His father worked as chief music editor Lenfilm. He led Karavaichuk in movies back in the fifties. Since Karavaichuk wrote music for over 150 films.

– unbridled, passionate chords. As if drunk play Chopin. Whether dancing started up, or hang himself, -. Wrote on Facebook Journalist Alexei Belyakov

It so happened that his best soundtracks he has created a not particularly successful films. It knew themselves rezhisssery. By Karavaichuk treated specially, knowing that his works will save the most hopeless tape

– Sometimes you watch a movie and perplexed. Why in such a stupid movie music such luxury. The film is to inspect to the end, even then, to see the credits and know who wrote it – recalls the composer Vladimir Martynov.

Karavaichuk not be called popular. However, his concert crowds. He did not need fame. All his life he did what he wanted. Being a student at the Leningrad Conservatory, he could refuse to speak at committee, because she did not like him simply. He could not come on his own concert. Little boy could write a sonata for the glory of Stalin. (According to legend, the leader of the people, even the young prodigy stroked on the head and gave a white grand piano). However, even this may not be true.

The truth is that he died a happy man Karavaichuk

Before his death, Master said he wanted to write another essay -. Requiem. But it is not himself, but his time. According to him, our, characterized primitive time, do not deserve anything, except for two things. Forgiveness of all living and posthumous music – from Oleg Karavaichuk.

Vladimir Martynov, composer

If you have a musical element – it Karavaichuk. Died last musical genius. As a child prodigy, he was in short trousers. So he remained a child prodigy. That got up the piano – amazing. He was himself the elements of music, the musical flow. What he did, perhaps akin to the cadence performed composers of the past. But he still did nothing. He took into account the huge number of musical practices. He was a music rocker. And most importantly – it does not get stuck in history, and keep it.

Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage

The country has lost a great composer, and the Hermitage – a great friend. Karavaichuk wrote a lot of music, dedicated to the Hermitage. Just released film, which saw the world where Karavaichuk the Hermitage Hall plays the piano. He was the only person who was allowed to play the piano of Nicholas II. He could even inspire such a tool: a beautiful, painted, but almost untuned. Because Karavaichuk was a magician.


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