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On the 69 th year of life died actor Alexei Zharkov – BBC

Actor Alexei Zharkov died on 69 th year of life. In a statement on the website of the Russian Union of Cinematographers he called “wonderfully talented artist” and “humble, kind man.” The actor died after a long illness; he was diagnosed with a stroke twice – the first time in 2012, and the second – in March of this year. He will be buried on Tuesday, June 7, at the suburban Naro-Fominsk, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the widow of actor Love Zharkov. Official farewell would not be

Aleksey Zharkov began his acting career in the film -. 14 years, he starred in a small role in the drama of Mark Donskoy “Hello, children!»

Then there was another small episode – and after he walked away from the movie ten years. During this time he graduated from high school, learned in school, the Moscow Art Theater on the path of Alexander Karev and was hired by the Theatre Yermolova.

Zharkov has quickly become one of the leading actors of the theater, he played almost all the high-profile premieres. It is actively engaged in their performances the main theater director Vladimir Andreev: Zharkov starred in such well-known at the time productions like “Money for Maria” on the play by Valentin Rasputin, “Fellow citizens,” the stories Basil Shukshin, “eldest son” in Alexander Vampilov drama. In the years of perestroika, when Ermolovsky Theatre headed by Valery Fokin, Zharkov has remained one of the most sought-after actors. The main performance era “Speak!” On the essay prose Valentin Ovechkin, he played a central role. In 1988, Oleg Efremov invited Zharkov in the newly formed Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, where the actor was also closely engaged in the repertoire:

he played Salt in “Three Sisters” and a number of significant roles

<. p> in the movie Zharkov began acting in the mid-70s, and is very active – in some years he has appeared in several films. Among the most notable of his works of that time – the role in the film “Torpedo” Seeds Aranovich, “My Friend Ivan Lapshin” Alexis Herman, “Criminal talent” Sergey Ashkenazi, “Parade of Planets” Alexander Abdrashitova, “City Zero” by Karen Shakhnazarov

Total Zharkov appeared in more than 120 films.

It was not lost, and in the 90s, when many of the stars of the Soviet period were without work. Ivan the Terrible King in the television movie “The Kremlin secrets of the sixteenth century” role in “Dreams” Shakhnazarov, “Prisoner of the Caucasus” by Sergei Bodrov, again at Herman in “Khrustalev, the car!».

I Played in the series – Svetlana Druzhininoj in” Secrets of palace revolutions “, in the” destructive power “in” battalions »

Alexei Zharkov was one of the most brilliant character actors of his time. . He could even make a noticeable entrance character. “I’m not ashamed to talk about their participation in the film where I played even a small epizodik – said Alexey Zharkov in an interview. – I believe that it’s still my job, my role. Anyway, I put back a part of his “I».


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