Thursday, June 9, 2016

Revenue “Russian auction” in London was the worst in 10 years – RBC

This week, four major auction houses Christie’s , Sotheby’s , Bonhams and MacDougall’s in the total earned $ 23.8 million, according to TASS . This is $ 2.4 million lower than in the previous autumn auction, which was able to collect $ 26.2 million, and $ 8.34 million less than the year of trading in 2015, the proceeds of which amounted to $ 32.14 million. Thus, the result ended June 8th week of Russian art in London was the worst in the last 10 years. This conclusion allows us to study Russian market, published by the British analyst Simon Hewitt. He summarized the results of the “Russian auction” in London from 2007 to 2014.

better result this time reached the auction house Sotheby’s – its revenue was $ 12 ppm at auction Sotheby’s has sold the most expensive lot of the entire Russian week – painting by Ivan Shishkin «On the pine forest edge»


Ivan Shishkin. «On the edge of a pine forest» , 1897 g.


Estimate paintings ranged million ( $ 713 thousand -.. $ 998 thousand), but in the end it was sold twice as expensive -. for $ 2 million painting Shishkin wrote in 1897, a year before his death, and presented at the exhibitions of the Association of the Wanderers in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Its first owner was the first guild merchant and the artist’s nephew Nikolai Stakheev. From his correspondence with his uncle also know that over the purchase of paintings for their own collection of thought Emperor Nicholas II

Revenue main competitor Sotheby’s -. Auction house Christie’s -sostavila $ 6.35 million. More than all turned canvas Ivan Ayvzovskogo «Ottoman coffeehouse in the moonlight» , pushed under the hammer for $ 279 thousand. in the painting, the artist shows a typical evening a scene from the life of the islanders – the men who are going in the coastal coffee shop. Outline of Aivazovsky did from life in Constantinople, and now completed in 1857 in a Paris studio.

Ivan Aivazovsky. «Ottoman coffeehouse in the moonlight» , 1857 g.


The auction house MacDougall’s Russian finished the week with a gain of $ 4.9 million. The most expensive lot, and here was a work by Aivazovsky. Picture of «Rescued» was sold for $ 725 thousand The web is dedicated to one of the favorite themes of the artist -. Salvation from shipwreck, – appeared in the seascape works in the 1840s

Ivan Aivazovsky. «Rescued» , 1892 g.


Under the auction house has earned other Bonhams . His revenues did not exceed a million and amounted to $ 514 thousand. The most expensive lot of the auction was the «portrait of a young girl» brush Konstantin Makovsky. It was sold for $ 51 thousand.

Despite the low in comparison with previous years, revenues, experts say about the relative success of the just concluded a week of Russian art. “Given that the Christie’s 70% of the lots were gone, and in the Sotheby’s – 60%, maybe more, I believe that the results are quite positive – leads the British word gallerist James Butterwick TASS . – There is a adaptation of Russian art market to new conditions because the auction house said normal estimated value of the lots and make them more attractive to buyers »

Prior to the auction the director of the International Department of Russian art Christie’s Alex Tizengauzen noted that interest in Russian art market is. “In the end, there is money from the Russian, the interest is there, – he said – maybe not the mood right now, but if you find a beautiful rare work, people will buy them and buy.”


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