Monday, June 6, 2016

These 100 million users “VKontakte” sold for one Bitcoin – BBC News

According to the resource LeakedSource, collecting data on leaks of sensitive information, hackers managed to steal the names, email addresses, phone numbers and passwords 100,000,000 users “VKontakte”. Representatives of the social network say that this database is not relevant for a long time.

A hacker, disguised under the pseudonym of Peace, is already selling the database on one of the digital black market in so-called “deep web”. The price is only one bitcoin, the current rate is about $ 570 or a little more than 37 000.

According to the hacker, sold them 100,544,934 recording user data have been stolen from Russia’s largest social network in 2011 -2013 years, and as plain text, to break the encryption was not necessary. Peace reports that have information about another 71 million accounts, “VKontakte”, but selling them is not planning.

The journalists Motherboard tested 100 randomly selected addresses from the proposed hacker database and found that 92 of them correspond to the active accounts in social networks. One of the Russian users of the site confirmed that the password is correct listed in the leak.

Representatives of “VKontakte” has already commented on the publication. As stated in the official press release, social networks, “we are talking about the old basis of usernames and passwords, which the fraudsters collected in the period from 2011 to 2012″. “Everyone said it user data to log on to the page changed to force”, – stated in the report

“This information is not the first year falls in sales in the network, but since 2012 there is no existing logins and. . passwords Nevertheless, specialists of “VKontakte” was carried out an additional check of the database – it again was not actual data to log on to the pages of our users, “- insist representatives of service

.” VKontakte “also reminded users on the inadmissibility of installing untested software on their devices, the possibility to choose two-factor authentication in the account settings, and warned them against the use of simple, easy to choose passwords. Indeed, as noted Motherboard, most often encountered in the database password has been a sequence of digits from one to six (709,067 entries). More than 40% of the records used email Mail.Ru

Sources:. Motherboard, RBC’s


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