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Cass Thursday: “Ghostbusters” collected 38 million in Russia – Booker’s Bulletin – your premier source of business information about the movie

The main release this week, Ghostbusters (WDSSPR) mastered the first day of rental 38 million rubles in Russia and 41.2 million rubles including the CIS countries. Last year’s PIXELS have started at about the same level (40 million in Russia + CIS). However, in last year’s pattern weekend multiplier was unusually low (3.66), so it is quite possible that the new product by the end of Sunday will bring much more than 132 million in Russia (146 million taking into account the CIS), extracted pixels . Although up to the milestone of 200 million rubles is now to reach it will be impossible. Be that as it may, the market was waiting for the release is still somewhat larger numbers.

Franchise Judgment Night (UPI) continues to gradually increase its audience in Russia . If the first part collected on the territory of our country in the first weekend of 12.9 million rubles, the second is 20.0 million rubles. Trikvel same applies for the result within 22-24 million rubles. For Thursday, the film has collected 6 million rubles.

POLL Booker

ELENA Galina
Manager film and marketing network «Interkino» , Surgut: “Aurora” (1 room for 431 place), “Mir” (2 halls for 292 place), “Peak” (4 halls for 459 seats)

we started Ghostbusters and Judgment Night 3 . Start at the HUNTER average is sufficient, but in principle, our expectations are justified. We were always walking steadily viewers up to 25 years. Reading age came only format movie CREW . So yesterday at the HUNTER was a youth. Judgment Night was not bad, but And the lights go out … better, although the film is the second rental week. Three leaders: And the lights go out …, hunter, ship NIGHT . Also continues to run Ice Age . Cartoon start his not so, the whole rental is pretty average. Frankly, too much no hope for a good gathering this weekend .

GREGORY Babayants
General manager c / t «Jazz Cinema» (6 rooms for 1171 place), Magnitogorsk

Started Ghostbusters, ship NIGHT 3, PELE: THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND incredibly Blinky Bill, nEON demons. HUNTERS at the start proved to be better than all the other new items. Reviews of the movie is very different. Justify whether the project hope it will be possible to say on Monday. Still, it’s a family movie. But strangely enough, he was given a 16+, although we did not see anything. NEON DEMON , you can say, still does not show. Judgment Night that is more than modest. The second week of the lights go out … , the third week of Ice Age and the first week of Judgment Night – all on one level. Three leaders: HUNTERS, ICE AGE . Third place is shared and the lights go out … Judgment Night, Star Trek. Star Trek for this week went down. I think this weekend will be the leaders of HUNTERS and Ice Age . Everything else will pass the background. Also Monday, we have for many years now is action Student Day, I think that on that day we will see spectators on the Judgment Night.

Alexander Weigel
Director of film distribution k / m “Quadro film” (4 halls for 687 seats), Krasnoyarsk

we started Ghostbusters, ship NIGHT 3, nEON DEMON. on the HUNTER to respond very well, only the audience, unfortunately, not enough. Everyone who goes after watching this film, inspired by the person. “Sundress” must be positive. I myself looked fragment, light, funny places, great graphics, so that, in principle, for the continuation is not ashamed to Bill Murray. I think that the actor, who appeared in the movie as a cameo, can join in this opinion. In general, good commercial product. But physically the people in the city do not have enough, all on vacation. NEON DEMON is under our brand name “is not for everyone”, so that the film is not for everybody. Judgment Night , too mediocre, but I have no special expectations of the people have not seen. Three leaders: Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Ice Age. Star Trek dipped slightly, while the film as a product, no questions. It is also still continue to go And the lights go (extended another week), Social Life (mediocre start, but almost without falling, which means that people are not random). Weekend, I think, will be difficult, despite the fact that the films are very good. Unfortunately, only now sold out on the lakes

The commercial director of “Cinema»:. «Illizium” (4 halls for 300 seats), Novomoskovsk, «Soyuz» (2 halls for 336 seats), Aleksin

we started Ghostbusters, ship NIGHT 3 INCREDIBLE Blinky Bill. HUNTERS started expectedly mediocre. Basically the film is young people, they are unlikely to remember the franchise 30 years ago. Judgment Night is working on the image of the previous films. Also, if the genre of the project at the junction with the thriller or horror, he always goes well. Although there networking with social overtones, with the elections. And the lights go out … and Judgment Night does not prevent each other. and off LIGHT … – very good, classic horror film, and Judgment Night – a crossover, which is made at the junction of the thriller, slashers and sex of the movie. The Incredible Blinky Bill to take the range. On the third week of Ice Age has defended his own, although he, of course, will still turn out. But we have to somehow diversify the children’s repertoire, because many people remain in the city. A walk for three weeks in a row on the Ice Age is not very good. By loading a session is still the best And the lights go … We have a horror movie worth two sessions, and they are loaded very well. The leaders at this week’s Ghostbusters . This is followed by And the lights go out .. . The third place is shared by Star Trek and ICE AGE. The output will depend on the weather. Also, the target audience of cinemas – are teenagers 14-25 years. It is, of course, a little money podprizhala waiting for Suicide Squad.

Paul Maksimov
Director of the Centre for Cinematography «Pyramid» (4 halls for 256 seats), Volgograd

this week in the cinema center left Ghostbusters neon DEMON incredibly Blinky Bill. HUNTERS work very well, yesterday was visible to the naked eye some interest viewers. Classic story in new format on the day of the launch attracted spectators, we hope that this weekend will be prolonged interest. NEON DEMON is not bad enough, the picture is interested. After Thursday’s early to draw conclusions, it is necessary to see what will happen on the weekend. So far, the weekend has recently frighten its emptiness. Until the end of summer was a month, also in July, all going on vacation in the city a little youth. So I was a little worried about how will be Saturday and Sunday. I would like to see the positive charge, which we saw on Thursday, was rescheduled for the weekend. Leaders of the week: Ghostbusters, Ice Age, Star Trek. And the lights go out … and NEON DEMON go hand in hand. Maybe over the weekend someone will break forth, and maybe this flat chain will remain unchanged.

Preliminary charges Thursday 28.07.2016 in Russia (excluding CIS)

Note: Amounts expressed in rubles. CBR rate $ 1 = 65.95 rubles
* Rentrak

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