Monday, August 29, 2016

88-year-old star Instagrama came to the MTV awards in swimsuit – TVNZ

The other day she knocked 88 and she is known around the world as the star of Buddy Instagrama Winkle. Glamorous Granny fascinated by social networks, trying on crazy costumes and all kind proving: the sunset of life – is not sad to go. “Stealing your men since 1928″ – a slogan emblazoned on her page in Instagrame, which was signed more than two million people. Not surprisingly, Buddy is the third time invited to one of the most exciting events in the world of music – Award MTV Video Music Awards. This year, the main stars of the ceremony were Beyonce, Britney Spears and Rihanna. And, of course, Buddy. Glamorous pensioner has decided to make a row, and came to the presentation … in a bathing suit.

On the red carpet MTV Video Music Awards-2016 old woman came out, leaning on a crutch. But what! All in rhinestones, sparkling like a Christmas tree. In the fashionable sneakers, in which the stumping grandmother, too, burning stars of blestyashek. But the main effect produced outfit Buddy: kupilnik skin color and in the same tone – leggings. Strategic place on a bathing suit decorated with rhinestones as well. Some even joked that the grandmother took the place of absent at this year’s ceremony, singer Miley Cyrus – usually it is she likes to appear in public in such attire

<. p class = "title"> Buddy Winkle came to the ceremony MTV, leaning on a stick in rhinestones Photo:. REUTERS

swimsuit as evening attire Buddy apparently chose not without reason: in the past year, she has signed a promotional contract with beachwear manufacturer Dimepiece. And since then, Grandma – “face” of the brand, in fact – even starred in commercials swimsuits! The pictures taken by photographer Nick La Mer, an elderly woman of fashion basking by the pool on an inflatable mattress posing with pineapple in hands corrects sunglasses and showing off in provocative outfits.

The strategic places on the swimsuit Buddy were embroidered with sequins Photo:. GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

a pensioner is your Instagram for a few years (by the way, Buddy Winkle – this is not her real name, but a pseudonym). On his page is divided into bright and positive images of new things. Buddy – she still fashionista: the pensioner in the locker room – completely life-affirming things of acid colors, with fun prints and inscriptions. While some 35-year-old lady scratching their heads – and if they stuck to their age to wear a mini, or already undignified – Grandma did not entertain the question. And just wears miniskirts and short dresses! And yet – feel free to pose in front of the camera in a bikini by the pool

For its 88 years granny unusually cheerful Photo.. : GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

blogging Buddy makes a great-granddaughter. It all began with a video, which she placed on the Vine portal. Movie about how Grandma twisting a cigarette, for couple Weeks watched by several thousand people. Then Buddy granddaughter suggested to have a page on social networks. Each picture fashionable grandmother becomes a hit and instantly acquires comments. Fans from around the world recognized the old lady in love and asked: “Buddy Winkle, be my grandmother,” In response to the American pleases them with new fashion images and leaves in microblogging funny entries such as “The best way I look when I do not try to look good.” All detractors and spiteful critics grandma always says that prays for them.

SOOOO sorry I have not been posting that much lately :( I recently found out I have arthritis and it was killin me lol BUT I fEEL BOMB AGAIN aND I’M BACK !!!

Many people think Buddy bohemian sort of tricks from some of the California , or New York- , and suggest that in the past she was a designer, journalist or representative has kakoy-nibud creative profession. But it far from it: in the words of Buddy, in her was simple and rather hard life

– I was born in Kentucky in the family miner – she said. in an interview -. Soon, our family moved to the town, which was then razed to the ground tornado. I had a difficult childhood and quite a hard life. My husband died thirty years ago, and my son – fifteen years ago, and it was very painful for me. When we came up with the granddaughter of this blog, he became a great motivator for me to live on.


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